Naim nap300dr or Hegel 590 with kudos 606?

I sold my b&w 804d3’s a while back as part of a failed downsizing exercise but didn’t get around to letting go of my nap300dr/ndx2/282 system. So the Naim system has been without speakers for a few months while I got on with moving into a new apartment.

Now I’m settled again I thought I’d try something new on the loudspeaker front and got hold of a pair of Kudos 606’s. They’re used but with only a few hours play so not broken in yet. But boy are they bright. I’ve only run them for 20 hours or so but I could cut steel with the top end. I find the depth and staging richer than I recall from the B&W’s but that top end and bright midrange has me worried I’ll tire early listening to them.

Is there anyone here that can put my mind at rest and tell me how much a how well they’ll loosen up with time? I gather 100-200 hours is required.

By way of mediation I’m going to audition a Hegel 590 this week to see it it’s the Naim system that’s the source of the brightness. Will feed back on my findings should anyone be interested.

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I wouldn’t panic at the moment. If they are not run in yet, they will need some time. A combination of run in and acclimatisation of your hearing may well change things. Your system seems really well balanced. I’d stick with it for a month or so and see how you feel then.

I’ve run 606 with 252/300, 552DR/300 and 552DR/500. Never detected the slightest hint of brightness.

They were already run in when I bought them though.

Not directly relevant but I have had two sets of brand new 808s one after the other and they definitely took 200+ hours to settle down.

But, as ever with speakers, it will depend on your room. I have heard one set of well run in 808s (with a huge expanse of glass behind them) sounding very bright and harsh

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I tried a pair of 606’s that were 18 month old - to me very bright in my room. Went for a pair of Kef Reference 1 Metas that are quite superb.

I’ve been using 606s for over three years starting with a 252,Supercap,300dr source is a ND555 in my room and system I have never had any sign of brightness even when driven very hard changed to a 552 some time back with same results…

My 552 dropped the left hand channel and the dealer loaned me a 282 with a hiccap and I was pleasantly surprised how good it was in my system no brightness at all with this combination.

During my auditioning for new speakers I tried some B&W speakers but I found them to be to bright for my liking so ended up with the 606s.

One thing they take an age to run in and settle down.


My ears are pretty sensitive to bright speakers…I have 606’s and have never thought they were bright…I got them ex-demo so run-in…

You don’t listen to speakers, you listen to a speaker / room interaction.

How much glass, soft furnishings are there in your new apartment?
Is it carpeted?
How much room is threre to the wall, is it a partition wall? etc. etc.

Keep it playing though 24/7 if you can, speakers really do benefit from a burn-in time.

Hopefully burn-in and a bit of speaker positioning with perhaps a rug will take edge off the sound.

I’d certainly be interested in what the Hegel does to the sound, they are meant to be very powerful amps.



As another idea, see if you can borrow a XPSDR and/or a SupercapDR. That could tame the issue. The 282/HCDR can be forward and bright with just an NDX2. Had the same issue with my Spendor D7.2

Do you have hardwoods by chance?

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Great idea, throw £10k at the problem because a 282/HC is such an inferior combination and a plain NDX2 just doesn’t cut the mustard.

This place is amazing sometimes.


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We are good at spending other peoples money, aren’t we? That’s why I recommended borrow not buy. Just an idea to solve the problem without changing the amp which he obviously likes. Changing the amp may not solve the problem either as the 300DR isn’t what I would call a bright amp.


Thanks for the advice guys. It’s all appreciated. I’ll try and address the points raised below.

My space is large at 10x10x4 meters. It’s been acoustically treated as it’s used as a video recording studio, so the sound is nice and flat with very little reverb. Hard surfaces are covered with rugs and furniture, sofas, chairs etc so it’s not bright by any standards, quite the opposite.

I tried the Meta Ref 1’s with this system a little while ago. I really liked them, they came across to me as a slightly warmer version of my then current B&W 804D3’s. The difference wasn’t so much as to make me swap them out though.

I appreciate speakers need running in, although it’s not something I’ve come across before, hence the original question about reasonable expectations. I’d be surprised if it’s going to make enough of a difference to tame the 606’s as much as think I would like, but I’m more than happy to try. I suspect it may be a combination of that and my ears adjusting to the new sound as mentioned here by others previously.

I’m wary of adding more boxes. Even to borrow an XPS would mean shelling out another £4k if it worked.

I realise this may sound like I’m jumping through hoops to make a pair of speakers bend to my will but I really like the look of the Kudos, the walnut fits my decor perfectly, and aesthetics are important to me. And more importantly I am sure I can hear a depth and resonance I’ve not heard in any speakers I’ve owned before, so I really want them to work.

On a side note, I did audition a Hegel 390, then 590 a while ago. They were matched with an Aurelic Vega 2.1 and Focal Kanta 2’s. That was a great sound. If I was in the market for a full system at the time, and had the funds, I would have taken them there and then. That’s why the Hegel was in the back of my mind as a Naim replacement when I first heard these Kudos.

Anyhow, the Hegel arrived today. I’ve only had an hour to do an A/B comparison so I can’t really give an informed opinion. First impressions though are it is indeed less up front. It’s a bit easier to listen to for me, maybe my 60 year old ears are getting sensitive! There does seem to be a drop off in detail though compared to the Naim. Probably to be expected. And perhaps that’s what makes them seem softer. Maybe adding an Aries Vega will put that detail back in, albeit with the danger of there being too much information again.

As I said, I’ll reserve judgement as to wether that works better for me for now, it’s early days and I’ve a lot more tests to do, but thanks again for taking the time to comment. Every little helps as they say.

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My Dynaudio Contour S3.4 with my ndx2+hcdr+282+300dr is not brigth at all.
Maybe the problem is not the naim’s

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