Naim NAT 05 Tuner upgrade input

Quck question on the Naim NAT 05 Tuner upgrade input, I’ve tried to connect a HICAP thru a 5 -PIN cable into the UPGRADE input.

  1. With HICAP connected, do I still need to connect the normal powercord or no need ?

  2. Also, is there anything I can do to verify whether the UPGRADE input is connected to the HICAP ?

I have tried to connect and disconnect the HICAP and see if there’s any sonic difference. I can’t notice any. Did I do anything wrong ?

Thanks a lot.


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As so often with these things, it’s in the manual.

Can you clarify what you mean by your second question?

what I mean is that after I connected the HICAP to the NAT05, I can’t hear any difference whatsoever, which leads me to believe that perhaps it is not connected properly…

Maybe it’s just that it’s working but you hear no difference. Presumably if it wasn’t connected properly but you’d removed the link plug, it wouldn’t work at all.

Also this (from the UM):


That would seem to answer it. It’s working but no difference is perceived.

thank you. No flashing. So I guess it’s all good.


It can be like that with upgrades. Some find very large improvements, others none at all and still others a worsening of the sound. At least you’ve saved some money.

I’d imagine here that whether it’s worthwhile or not will depend very much on the quality of the broadcast and signal. I would guess that you probably wouldn’t hear much if any difference on most of the stations here in the UK, with Radio 3 (must the least compressed) being perhaps the exception?

One thing, is your Hicap in a good state of service?

I have two. HC and HCDR. Perhaps I’ll try the HCDR and let you guys know how it goes. Thanks everyone.

Although not talking from experience myself, the subject of putting a power supply on a NAT05 XS has been discussed before and with mentions of not much difference, or it not really being worth the bother, but it will be interesting to see what your findings are with your hi-caps, perhaps you will like what differences they bring (?)

The expense of having a NAT05 XS + Hi-cap + another shelf is relatively similar to the cost of a NAT 01 which IMO makes far more sense if you really really want a two box tuner.
Or it maybe better to leave the 05 XS as a stand alone tuner and invest a few hundred quid in a professional aerial fitting :slightly_smiling_face:


I would be amazed if you can’t hear a hicap on a 05xs. Just a flat cap made a considerable difference on mine when I had them

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How did it go?

tested with HCDR, not much diff confirmed.

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