NAIM NAT advice

Thinking about adding a NAIM tuner to my (non NAIM) system.
How do the NAT01/2/3 compare to each other in terms of SQ and serviceability? Are all parts still available etc?


The hierarchy from top (best) to bottom goes, NAT01, NAT101, NAT02, NAT03.

Of the NAT01s, the later units are a bit better than earlier ones mainly down to the improved NAPST. Later NAT01s though are a safer buy because the early FL display on the early NAT01 can no longer be replaced if it fades or fails. The best NAT01s were upgraded through application of the rare XPS-T power supply.

The NAT101 is the next best thing to a NAT01. Main issue is drifting due to a SNAPS needing service and overall alignment. Bulbs can tend to blow but Naim issue a sheet with detailed instruction son how to change. Updating with an LED bulb usually cures this.

The NAT02 is a solid choice and pretty close to a NAT101 in performance.

All of the above Naim tuners used Naim’s own tuner head and can all still be serviced and aligned at the factory - in fact, they can ONLY be serviced and aligned at the factory. All require a very good aerial (Naim recommend a Ron Smith G17) , properly aligned and aimed.

The NAT03 used an ALPS tuner head. It’s a step down from the bigger tuners but still an excellent performer. Much cheaper and much easier to find than the others.


The NAT05 is excellent too. Presets, remote control and great sound quality. I use a five element aerial on the roof and it works fine. It cost me £240 earlier this year.

Add my endorsement of the NAT-05, it has the advantage of being a lot more sensitive than the 01’s & 02’s meaning it works well on a lower spec aerial or in weak signal areas.

Ditto NAT 05 and the XS is further improved with a power supply to make it a very capable source

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Good call HH - have mine on for a lot of the day.

I’ve taken to listening to Radio 3’s lunchtime concert. The quality is incredible and well up to the streaming source.

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I have a NAT02 in use every day. Even listening to talk-radio you hear the difference compared to the same content over internet radio. We are lucky enough to also have a public service financed music channel (no eurodisco).

It has never been serviced so I guess its time soon.

Many thanks to Richard, HH and all for advice and comments above.

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