Naim ND5 XS 2 input question

Im thinking of buying one of these and I want to run the TV audio through it using one of the Toslink inputs.
Can you switch from TV to Music from your sofa using a remote or the iPhone/ipad running Naim software?

The ND5XS2 doesn’t have a remote, but you can use the App to do it.

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I have my NDX linked to TV.
Very easy set up and use with Naim app on iPad or phone.
Don’t go mad with the Toslink, price means nothing, but well fitting ends do. I found metal ends better than plastic, but which brand? who knows, there are just so many to choose from.

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Is HDMI better than Toslink for TV sound? I know the Naim hasn’t got HDMI but other streamers have

Simple answer is Yes, using the App.
Even Mrs Q has mastered this activity :wink:

I am not sure you can say one is the better than the other as they provide similar audio data other than Toslink has the advantage that common mode noise currents can’t flow through the cable from the TV’s electronics.
I use Toslink to connect my DAVE to the TV digital audio out, it works well, and movies and music programmes and digital radio generally sound superb with my nait50 and my Russel K’s

Some Naim Unitis have HDMI ARC. It’s great when it works as you get automatic input switching, and volume control from the TV remote. Unfortunately reliability issues are common so Toslink is a more reliable alternative.