Naim nd5 xs how do i connect via internet cable to tidal?

hi fellow naim nd5 xs owners i have one ! lol i have tidal on my i phone x but iwant to have it on the internet using a network cable i cannot remember my password for the tidal app can it be found some
where how as when i try it on the network it oviously invites me to join tidal and pay for a subscription i share my subscription with my son can any one help me please its a pity their is not a simple manual for the naim nd5 xs

[date=2023-06-22 timezone=“Europe/London”]hi thinking of buying a hi cap do i need a napsc as well do i need 2 cables if so which ones can anybody help me please

Try this to reset your password?

You can’t use a napsc or hicap with an nd5xs.
Look at the xps dr, or XP5XS. The connection is made with the burndy cable that comes with the power supply.

According to the system in your profile you don’t have any Naim amplification, which is what the napsc and hicap are for.

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