Naim nd5 xs

Hello,i can buy a naim nd5 xs,arcam st60 or cambridge cxn v2 for the same money to go with my moon 250i,is the older more high end naim still better then the cheaper but newer arcam and cambridge?or has someone got any experience of any combinations of these or thoughts on synergy?kind regards.

Forgot to mention,my speakers are neat sx1 with rocket 44 cable,will be using for music and tv.

Isn’t there a Moon streamer you can match with your amp? I know the Moon 180 was very well received though it doesn’t have a built in Dac.

To much money,and i need the dac,budget is 700 top for streamer with dac.

Main thing would be … can you live with Spotify and Tidal / local streaming / and prepare to fix the screen if it fades? If so ND5 is fine - it’s upgradeable either with an external PSU in future, or take the dig output to a better DAC, which is what I do. (Naim NDAC in my case)

If money is a consideration and it appears that it is, I would suggest that you forget about Naim, especially their out of date versions of streamers, and look to recently introduced streamer/DACs like Bluesound or EverSolo. The latter seems to be getting very high marks on both the test bench and by informal listeners. It’s a fast moving sector of hifi, so stay away from expensive stuff from the past unless funds are no object.

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ND5XS is a fine streamer if all you want to do is Tidal, Spotify or local streaming. You can add gizmos to add features but for me it’s perfect.

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