Naim ND5 XS2 quality problem on Qobuz Studio

Hello, I’m new to this forum and I would like to ask for advice on how to listen to liquid music on qobuz in 24 bit / 192 khz quality. I recently had a Naim Nd5 Xs2 as streamer/dac connected to the home network wirelessly with high speed optical fiber and after configuring the “Focal-Naim” app (qobuz input at the best quality 24bit/192khz) I open the qobuz app on my smartphone and select the naim nd5 xs2 for audio playback. Contrary to Tidal connect, I notice that it is transmitted with chromecast and I read in a qobuz note that the current maximum resolution with that transmission is 24bit/96khz. I don’t want to go into detail about whether it sounds better or equal to 44.1khz quality but given the possibility of being able to enjoy 24bit/192khz resolution why not give it a try?! How should i do? Should I run qobuz from the Naim app only? or should I consider buying Roon and be able to take advantage of the possibility of compatibility with naim’s roon ready to be able to enjoy the 192khz resolution? On Tidal the maximum resolution is currently 16bit 44.1khz (CD) until they add 24Bit FLAC in theory already by the end of the year.

Hi, you need to use the Naim app to get the “full fat” qobuz.
You can use roon if you wish but it’s not necessary just to get the hires.


I don’t have Naim streamer, but I do Chromecast Qobuz. As you say, the max is 24/96.

So, forget about opening the Qobuz app, just use the Naim app. I suspect that will stream 192.

Qobuz have been making vague promises about releasing a Connect option for a few years now. Until then you should use the Naim app for best sound quality.

You may find the Qobuz app better for browsing, in which case you can save anything you want to play as a favourite. Then pick it up in the Naim app to play.


Hello, thank you.
I usually open the Naim app first and then go into the Qobuz app where I start playing music.
You are telling me to then start music playback from the Naim app only.
I will try as you say. Thanks

I agree entirely with @ChrisSU.
That is exactly how I use Qobuz (my only streaming service) through my ND5 XS2.
Sounds fabulous in HiRes where the release is available in that format.
My only frustration is with how much of the content I listen to is still in CD quality, but I don’t think we can hold Qobuz responsible for that…:man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks for the tips. I will try to do as you say. This situation is very limiting but if I can solve it at least here I’m satisfied. i will use “roon” maybe to improve the address book. Thank you

sorry guys,

but opening the Naim app and entering the Qobuz input to play unfortunately the resolution is 44.1khz although the track is Hi-Res in this case while on the Qobuz app in Chromecast it goes to 96khz. and for the 192khz songs… nothing… what an embarrassing situation I don’t understand.

as you can see instead from the Qobuz app…

someone understands something?

Hi guys, I think I get it. In the Qobuz app, although it is written Hi-Res, playback actually goes to 24bit and 44.1 kHz even if it is written down to 96khz. It therefore depends on the recordings even if they are Hi-res. On the Naim app scrolling through the tracks in my playlist I found 16bit/44.1khz tracks up to 24bit/192khz tracks as attached so I am not restricted to 96khz. I’d say the Naim app is better at this point. thanks and sorry

Do you hear any difference in Sound quality between 44.1 Naim app and 44.1 Qobuz Chromecast?

It’s been a while since I tried, but when I first got my NDX2 I tried Chromecast just out of curiosity and it was clearly inferior to native Qobuz. I wouldn’t say that it sounded really bad, but the difference was audible.

This post from Steve H explains the differences:

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Chromecast only works on certain cds for me some run fine others it stops after each track. Now that I understand the capabilities of the naim app better I just use that.

Dear Naim Streaming Members,

I live in regional Victoria, Australia, and believe it or not, we have Fibre To The Premises.

With the current price reduction in Naim components in Australia, I am considering purchasing an ND 5 XS 2.

Do I correctly understand that I can purchase a QoBuz subscription and play 24/192 (are there higher resolutions) via the NAIM App?

Please be aware that I have no prior knowledge of streaming, age 60, and wish to reduce my CD and vinyl purchases.

Kind regards,

Mitch in Oz.

Yes you can. 24/192 is the highest available.

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Yes you can. You should be aware that Qobuz (and now Tidal) are steadily increasing the amount of 24 bit material in their catalogue where it’s available. In practice you will get a selection of 24/192, 24/96 and other files depending on what is available from record labels.
In my experience the big jump in sound quality wfrom 16 to 24 bit. Whether its at 192, 96 or 44.1 matters less.

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Thank you, Robert and Chris. That is very reassuring and interesting.

Warm regards,

Mitch in Oz.

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