Naim ND5 XS2 vs PS Audio Direct Stream Junior

Hi Folks,
wondering if anyone here has done this comparison. I had a ND5 XS2 unit which I have returned and am currently trialling the DirectStream Junior.
I found that the XS 2 had more clear vocals, less transparency and spaciousness but very articulate and defines bass. The DSJ seems to do better in the mid ranges and has much more air and spaciousness.
Would love to know thoughts and observations…

I don’t mean to be rude. But why do you “need” others people’s observations? You listed to both pieces of kit in your room and with your system. Nobody is in a position to hear things better in your room… Trust your ears! :slightly_smiling_face:

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very apt point :slight_smile: and taken. I do think these devices take some time to break in and was just curious about the comparison as well

What does your gut feeling tell you? When the two streamers left your home, which one gave you a greater feeling of loss? I know this is not a terribly analytical approach, but it can be helpful when in doubt…

there are a bunch of other components that im putting - so there is some level of speculation here.
The system. looks like this
NAIM (tight and lean/less air) > Tube Preamp (warm) > Bryston 4b3 (dynamic/transparent) -> Spendor D9
Its between this and
DSJ (airy/bass not tight enuf) > Tube Preamp (warm) > Bryston 4b3 (dynamic/transparent) -> Spendor D9

My current speakers are AudioVectors and the the 2 dacs had different sonic feels.

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