Naim nd5xs2 stutter on spotify

Hello all, I have been encounting this problem for a while now. On spotify my nd5xs2 streamer on wifi frequently stutters. I read that the algorithm that the streamers pull data is that it will buffer 3 seconds first before playing then pull data at a rate of min 2x to max 8x speed.

The stuttering occurs once in every maybe 10 songs, and it will only occur once in the song.
I will admit that the wifi strength in the position is not the best, but it should be more than sufficient to download mp3s. Clearly the speed is fine because the tracks play instantly upon clicking. I have tried resetting, restarting, changing routers.

Does anyone have a fix for this that does not involve an ethernet cable as it is not possible? Thank you

Can you connect it wired to a wireless access point?
Do you know if the issue occurs even if the unit is wired?

Do you get the same issue with Radio via the Naim app?

Have you shutdown the streamer, removed plug from wall, then wait 5 mins before reconnecting

Have you tried a device reset to factory default

Have you tried powering off the ND5, then your router, then wait 2 mins, power on router, wait 5 mins, then power on ND5

Are you on the latest firmware update for the streamer

If you still have issues, then we probably need to know more about your network setup in the house

Thanks all for the replies, I have ordered an ethernet cable to try it hard wired to see if the issue persists

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Did you try my previous suggestions?

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