Naim NDS

I did that same demo before buying the NDS. The NDS with a lesser power supply trumped the NDX with a better power supply each time!


thanks again to everyone , at this point I am undecided between:

  1. take an NDS with XP5 XS
  2. put an XPS DR and improve both NDX and also the CDX2 …
    mumble mumble …

…or rip all your CDs to a NAS drive, sell the CDX2 and get the NDS with an XPS (or better). Not heard the CDX2 (had an olive CDX for a while) but pretty sure the NDS and NAS combo will trounce it.

Easy this, huh?

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:arrossato: i have 2500 cd’s ,no no i will :urlare::urlare::urlare:

Fair enough.

I’m relatively lightweight with just under 1000 CDs that had to be ripped and it took a while (months) using spare moments but now adding new CDs is pretty quick. You could start with ripping your favourites and growing from there. If it takes a couple of years does it matter?


yes, I understand, but since in the past years I have eliminated all the lp’s :dolce freddo: I don’t want to do the same with the cd’s … then the cdx2, to my ears, is a great player

The advantage of a proprietary ripper such as those from Naim, Innuos etc. is that they make ripping pretty painless. The only real difference between ripping and playing in a CD player is a 5 minute delay before between inserting the disc and hitting the play button.

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I went from a ND5XS to ND5XS with NP5XS, to NDS with NP5XS then NDS with 555DR

So yes

  1. A NDS with XP5XS does work
  2. The NDS is a huge difference from a XD5XS, which was a cut-down NDX in a cheaper case.
    The NDS is a different beast, with the DAC board and DAC chips still used in the ND555.

My recommendation get the NDS, use it with a XP5XS until funds allow a further upgrade to 555 either non-DR or full DR version.

Also get a SonoreUPnP bridge and a NUC running ROCK and use the NDS as a Roon Endpoint.


Actually, i’am using ndx with PC via upnp using minimserver and app naim on Android…It works good

You listen to your 2500 CDs one at a time. So rip them one at a time.

You probably have a top 100. Maybe a top 10. That’s a good place to start.

There is a big difference between a S level source compared to a X level source. It is impossible to predict which one you will prefer. The NDS is generally well regarded.


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