Naim NDS

Hi, i have a question for Naim NDS
wanting to put a transport mechanics for cd , it is better …

  1. modify an old cdx2 by putting digital output
  2. a new one ,and in this case,wich one?

As I read it you wish to add a CD transport to your NDS and use the NDS DAC. Why not buy a CD transport? Heed do a very good one as one example.

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yes, my question was if someone has already used the cdx2 as mechanical transport…i think would be more sinergy with nds…


From what I understand, the Naim modifications turn the CDX2 into a superb transport, as you might expect, although it does mean you can no longer use the analogue output.

From my testing back in the early days of the Naim DAC, I found that different transports made a substantial difference to the performance, so definitely don’t assume that all will sound fairly similar. For all that, I have not personally tested the CDX2 as a transport.

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I can certainly attest to the nDAC being sensitive to transports. I bought it to use with my Exposure 3010S2 CD player, and have been able to try it with a few other transports, even in the midst of C19.

A friend of mine has a Levinson 31.5, which was on the absurd side of pricing, although I have to say it sounded absolutely amazing. A Cambridge CXC was close, but not quite as good as the Exposure, and a inexpensive Sony DVD player was a rather distant last.

Waiting to try a DVD5, which is on its way for servicing. And just to keep things interesting, I have a Karik 3 coming . . .

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We had our CDX2 modified to digital out with analogue knobbled, to accommodate the DAC/XPS2 and later the DAC/555PS. The CDX2 (at least our generation of it) was a superb CD transport. It ended up in the care of another forum member (by coincidence - we used the same dealer) and he was also delighted with it.

So far as pairing a CD transport with the NDS. That one is much easier to summarise. You will have the second best (IMO) DAC you can buy. And for a bargain price.

The NDS also opens up the possibility of streaming. Maybe of no interest now but nice to have up your sleeve. Not to mention Internet Radio.

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then I sent the cdx to naim assistance to update the motherboard with digital output … which coaxial cable do you recommend? thanks

DC1 was a good all rounder. We moved to Chord Indigo and also ran AQ Eagle Eye. These two were very good but different. Chord was rather warm, Audioquest was lean and fast. Chord could be a tad slow in the bass, Audioquest could be a bit harsh at the top end. These tendencies were very minor.

Once the NDS had been auditioned and proved itself capable (for our expectations and needs), we were happy to move away from the variability of digital interconnects, but we had a few years of fun and very happy listening with our converted CDX2 and a variety of cables.

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Very expensive though, does a digital cable really make a difference?

Yes. In our system.

Not a surprise to me. I had been running CDPs with off board DACs since the 1980s, before I switched to Naim in 2000, which brought the DAC into the main case. I had to laugh when Naim did a 180 on the perils of external DACs, but the results spoke for themselves. And sure enough, digital interconnect differences came into play - same as they did in the 1980s.

It’s all icing. The basic performance of the DAC will make itself know regardless.

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Maybe i will a Naim DC1, or a Nordost Blue Haven or superior…

Anything will do. DC1 is a good all rounder.

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I have a DC1 and a couple of much cheaper cables, and found only very small differences between them. I’m currently using a Mark Grant cable that cost less than £30, and I’m quite happy with that. Also, the fixed length of the Naim cable is a PITA, whereas this one can be dressed neatly, clear of other cables behind the rack. Different system, so your findings may not be the same as mine, of course.

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