Naim NDX or Naim ND5X2

ok you don’t think it would influence the sound if i used the bluesound in combination with the Qutest?

I think the DAC is a much more important component than the streamer for sound quality, but it can make a difference. Some of us use Naim streamers as digital transports into separate DACs, which I guess must tell you something. Also you need to find a user interface that you are happy with.

It would influence it positively.

I don’t use a usb stick but I have all of my flac and wav files on a PC attached network server. The Bluesound node 2i picks these up via wifi and then plays them out via an optical connection (or coax) to the Qutest. The Qutest does its dac magic and passes the analogue signal out via rca connections to my pre amp. The Qutest makes a good improvement to the files played via the Bluesound.

ok thank you all for your responses

  1. keep the bluesond node 2i and combine it with a good dac like the Qutest
  2. Listen tot Naim ND5X2 and the older NDX and get a good warrancy form the dealer. Or buy the NDX5X2
  3. Buy a NDX2 form one of you folks

Thanks you all. Greetings

That is a good summary of the choices available.

I would add that discard the ndx as being a little out of date in its capability.

thanks Bruce

Don’t forget the Ndac. Your Bluesound could be transformed for 1k.


And then a Naim power supply……:rofl:

It would be already much better with only the bare Ndac .:grin:

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Another vote for a used NDAC here - arguably Naims third best digital source for streaming applications (only behind ND555 and NDS), upgradeable with a range of external PSU’s and you can use it with an ND5 XS2 if you want a Naim streamer using the current platform. Fantastic value for £1k.

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I shall vote for nDac too unless u can go upto NDX2.

Dac in NDX2 is better that nDac2.


Not sure, because some prefer Ndx2/ Ndac vs Ndx2.

As far as I know the dac chip used in nDAC is the same they 've implemented into NDS and ND555(?)
i,.e their top- of- the line sources.
Also nDAC is a pure dac and not a mixed source

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