Naim NDX or Naim ND5X2


I am new on this forum and glad to have found you. I am from Holland playing with AVM and PMC twenty twenty.
I consider buying an NDX 2013 from a dealer € 1800 or a new ND5X2 wich would you recomend?
thak you

Hi, the NDX was a great streamer in its day, but at that age you have to accept that it may need a service at some point which will cost you some money.
For sound quality it will beat the ND5XS2 for local streaming from a NAS/server on your home network. It can also be upgraded with a power supply such as an XPS if you wish.

The newer ND5XS2 will give you a wider choice of web streaming services such as Qobuz, better internet radio, and Roon.

Both streamer can be upgraded with a separate DAC, but the PSU of the ND5XS2 can’t.

What do you listen mostly, Tidal or local files?
Ndx can’t stream Qobuz, but Nd5xs2 can.
Ndx will sound better vs the Nd5xs2 with an additional ps. The Nd5xs2 can’t accept outboard ps.

hi , thank you for quick response !
I use files which are at the moment a usb stick with flac files. I dont stream music at the moment.
I wonder is a streaming device is the best solution to play these files in my aituation. I am not a technical person so maybe i am missing something. I hear dedicated dac but what else do i need. As i said i am playing with AVM V30 preamp and 2 AVM M30 and 2 PMC Twenty 24 speakers. My streaming device is a bluesond node 2i.

If you have a bluesound node then what extra are you looking for from the ndx or nd5xs2?

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Personal experience but I’d say the ND5XS2 comfortably beats the NDX for both local files and streaming.


If you have a large stored music library and add to it, you ideally want network storage running a UPnP server, especially with the NDX.
The ND5XS2 is better in this respect in that its USB input can play direct from USB storage and allow you to browse by artist, genre etc. and view album artwork.

Another option would be to keep the Node as a digital transport and buy a better DAC.

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Hi Chris,
Thank you for your reply.
Can you recommend a DAC which suites the rest of my set up?


I hope to get a better sound, i play files form usb, so a better dac may accomplish this i hope,

thanks mike im starting to think it does

I think a qutest dac would improve the sound and suit what you have already.

ok that’s the Chord dac. read good things about it.
Naim doesnot have a dedicated dac?

I don’t know anything about AVM but they look pretty good from a quick search. The PMC speakers are excellent. The node is clearly out of its depth and I do wonder whether it would still be a limiting factor even with a separate DAC. With the amps and speakers, an NDX2 would probably be a better match.

Naim do not make a separate DAC now, only the combined streamer/DACs such as the ND5XS2. They discontinued the NDAC some time ago, but it could still be a good choice if you can find a used one.
Chord DACs are also popular, maybe a Qutest, Hugo or TT2 depending on your budget. Of course there are many other brands to choose from. You really need to listen to one to see how it sounds in your own system.

If i bought the Qutest Dac can i connect it to the preamp or do i need another device? NDX2 is a bit to expensive at the moment

Yes, just use a regular RCA stereo cable.

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Can the NAIM ios app be used to play music via the minim server installed on a qnap nas to the nd5sx2?

Yes, Minimserver and Asset are probably the two most popular UPnP music servers to run on a NAS.

hi Chris
How do i see the files on the usb when playing the Qutest Dac?
I now see the files on the Node2i form bleusound.

You could keep the Node and use its USB input, with a digital connection to the Qutest, or even just a regular computer. You need some sort of digital transport that can do this.
Some DACs such as the old Naim NDAC can read directly from a USB memory stick but it would not be a great way to access a whole digital library.