Naim NDX2 or dCS Bartok

It’s time to upgrade my source which currently is an ND5XS. It’s probably not good to ask on a Naim forum, but I have narrowed my choice down down to the NDX2 or the Bartok. Has anybody heard both and can give an opinion of which one is superior?

I have heard the NDX2 and it is an improvement over the ND5XS. I haven’t heard the Bartok yet, but it tests extremely well. It seems to have a superior architecture also. It’s also twice the price, so is it anywhere close to being twice as better as the NDX2?

I have an XPSDR that could be used with the NDX2 if that would close the gap to the Bartok. I’m trying to find a dealer near me that I can go listen. It would be ideal to audition both side by side, but I don’t think that is going to be possible.

Appreciate any opinions.

My vote goes absolutely on the NDX2/XPS-DR, having auditioned both.

interesting review on Audiophile Style, between chord tt2/ mscaler vs Dcs Bartok vs Dcs Rossini.

here the little conclusion on tt2/ mscaler vs bartok. ( the reviewer has the chord combo as personal source)

And so it went. On recording after recording, the Bartók and the HMS/TT2 showcased their respective strengths. The Bartók led on density, dynamics, physicality, and a wonderfully natural presentation of instruments. The HMS/TT2 had the edge on coherence, transparency, cleaner transients, instrument placement, and voices. Anyone fortunate enough to be considering these pieces for their system, especially as a high-end headphone DAC/amp, needs to audition both.

I usually try not to waffle in these comparisons, and declare the winner to my ears. In this case, all I can say is I am keeping the HMS/TT2 combo and have sent the Bartók review unit back to dCS - but not without a deep pang of regret. It’s that good.

however, vs the Bartok, the Rossini was clearly more dynamic. ( same review).

Yeah FR, I saw that review on Audiophile Style just yesterday. It was an excellent review until he lost credibility with me saying that USB is better than through ethernet. The reviewer is a computer geek, so that explains that. It does gives some insight where it stands against the Chord stuff. Too bad he didn’t compare to Naim. :face_with_monocle:

Yeah, if only we all could afford the Rossini! :money_mouth_face: We would be done.

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Only if you add the £5.5k external clock. We found the Rossini to be all resolution and no music until we added the clock. Then, oh my!

Best regards, BF

Thanks FR. Which forum & thread is this in? I looked in the dac forum but must have missed it.

If i was looking to spend 10k on a DAC then i’d be auditioning at home in my own system. Have a ring around a couple of DCS dealers and i’m sure you’ll find one that will be able to help - same with the NDX2.

Bluesfan, here’s the link.

Hope that works.


audiophile style. com

yes i agree, curious he prefers the usb mode.

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