Naim Newbie and DIN Connections

Because there’s not enough space for rca out connections on the rear panel. But din handles in and out in one neat tidy connection.

Yes don’t lock the rings.
Except for snaics and connections to stagelines when power is also passing through. Always lock those for safety.

Thanks Robert! I have a Naim stock lavender coming in a few days and I want to make sure I plug it right.

In 10 years of Naim ownership, this will be the first time I use a Naim interconnect.

It might be worth you taking a look at the SN3 manual which may help with some of the questions you may have ahead of your SN3 arriving.

OK! I’m in the Naim family now. The SN3 came in and initial comparisons with my all-tube Rogue Cronus Magnum II is all positive.

The SN3 - after 6 songs - has a similar overall sound to my Rogue, BUT better base control and better upper mid-range details. I guess that makes some sense comparing Tubes with SS. But there are no negatives here. Everything is as good or better and overall not a “shocking” improvement but a definite improvement overall.

Gotta get back to hearing more of this amp right now. But put a happy emoji here.


Also, I purchased a couple Naim Premium Aux Input Cable. 5 Pin Din to Dual Phono RCA Cinche. Mogami Coax from Designacable in the UK. These should be here in the next week or so.

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