Naim Newbie and DIN Connections

Shiny newbie here with a Supernait3 on order and waiting for delivery. I generally connect two sources to my integrated - my EAR 834p phonostage and my Chord Qutest DAC. I’ve read many of the past comments on RCA to DIN on the forum, but I’m confused about ordering the correct RCA > DIN cables

I would expect to use the SN3’s “Stream” input for the DAC and the “Aux” input for the EAR phonostage. Do both use the same type of DIN connector? And is that DIN 4?

I’d like to order a pair of RCA > DIN cables but I’m newbie confused about what to spec for the cable build.

The source input DINs are 180 degree DIN5s.

This FAQ should help you;

I would have a look on a well known auction site - plenty of decent used RCA-DIN cables. I’ve bought several Chord ones off there for example…Chord Cobra is a great cable and now discontinued but well worth seeking out.

Chord cables are directional so make sure you get the correct orientation.

As - if I understand right - you want these cables for inputs, you should be fine. That ‘orientation’ (RCA to DIN) is the most common. Had you wanted a lead for an output (DIN to RCA), thats where you need to take care.

Use any of these 4 din inputs; cd, tuner, stream, av.
Aux is best avoided as it is a powered socket designed to connect the Naim stageline and superline phono stages.

And just in case you don’t know - yes the din sockets (and the power supply socket) are supposed to be wobbly. For source components, don’t connect the din locking collar, leave it loose.

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Naim make excellent standard ‘lavender’ RCA phono to Din cables. They cost a very reasonable £115 and sound excellent. You can order them from your Naim dealer. If you are tempted to buy expensive leads, live with your existing RCA leads and then borrow the others to try. The Naim standard leads are very hard to beat.

Do the DIN sockets on the SN wobble? They do on my XS3, but that’s because the sockets are PCB mounted. I thought the SN sockets were wired internally, not PCB mounted, and hence firmly mounted to the casework, you can see the fixings in the photo?

As others have said, you need a 5 Pin 180 degree DIN, with the RCA as source for your Qutest
I have a Chord Qutest on my SN1. I was running and Chord Chrysalis that I had had since my days running a NAIT5. This I believe is a very similar spec to the Naim “lavender” offering. In a moment of madness I tried Witch Hat Morgana based on recommendations from here. Yes it is an expensive option, but I have to say it was the biggest incremental upgrade I have made. On a qualitive point with the Chord cable I couldn’t discern any difference between the Qutest filter settings. With the Morgana the difference in the filters was very noticeable. On a more subjective assessment the increase in sound quality across the range was very signifcant which meant wit was a VFM upgrade for me.

You are quite right, they don’t wobble, and are firmly fixed to the chassis. Decoupling is achieved by means of the little wires that connect them to the board. It’s only the ‘5 series’ that has wobbly DIN sockets. The mains socket does, of course, wobble.

Thanks all!

I’ve downloaded the manual and read that AUX was powered, but that didn’t sink in. Thanks for pointing that out so I wouldn’t attempt to use that input for my phonostage.

I’ll be looking for DIN 5 180 RCA to DIN cables.

More confusion… I hear you all that I need DIN4 to RCA. Does that further mean 4-Pin? When searching online I see 5-Pin to RCA and 4-Pin to RCA.

The logical assumption is that DIN4 is 4-Pin and DIN5 is 5-Pin. Is that assumption correct??

You want a 2 x RCA Phono to DIN5 interconnect.

Yes, DIN5 = 5 pins in the DIN plug.

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Which wouldn’t fit in the Aux in & pwr socket. This is a DIN5 240 degree socket, designed to take a SNAIC5. worth reading Richard’s post second down on the thread if you’ve not done so already.

Yike, you’d think I could remember since yesterday I want DIN5 or 5-Pin not DIN4.

Thanks again for setting this 73-year old newbie straight… again.

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Going crazy, yes you are right - you can even see the fixing screws in the image. Lots of internal wires provide the necessary decoupling; it’s a pig to do apparently.

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…And what an amp you have coming. Enjoy every single second of it! :hugs:

Hi Robert. Are you suggesting to not screw in the ring around the cable at all?

My system is pretty well sorted. I’ve systematically bought used equipment to move up the audio ladder with better and better gear over decades of time. Retirement is great, but living off of your savings teaches you to be frugal with audio purchases.

The SN3 will replace a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II all-tube amplifier. The Rogue is my first all-tube amplifier and I really like it. It’s been rock solid and sounds great with my Harbeth P3ESR speakers. But after 5 years of ownership it’s time to move up the ladder a step further.

As a retired guy, I have closets full of old gear - not just audio - but lots of other stuff that I don’t need to own any longer. So, I sell, and trade and save to amass enough to splurg on my next audio purchase.

When I’m financially ready, I start reading all the usual audio sites looking for the next thing. The SN3 has been “on my list” of possibilities for many years but it was something always a tad too expensive for me to move forward. I was all set to get a Sugden A21SE last week but a flaky seller soured that deal. Then the very next day a SN3 popped up at a very good price. My wife said it was Kismet!

At the time I didn’t know a great deal about the SN3 but over the years I have read and seen plenty of rave reviews. So, kind of impulsively I bought the SN3. Gulp!

It will be here early next week… and the journey will begin anew.

I’ve been looking at photos of the back panel of the SN3 to understand the inputs - and this brought up two more questions.

Why to the DIN connections for AV and Stream have IN/OUT written on them - while the AV and Stream RCAs are just labeled as IN. Does this limit those inputs for other Naim equipment only? It looks like Tuner and CD DIN connections are labeled as “IN” only.

Does this mean I should connect my phonostage and my DAC to the Tuner and CD DIN inputs only???

The DIN inputs which also have outputs were originally for tape players, which could record as well as play so needed connections for both functions. The Stream in/out socket might similarly be used for a digital recorder.
It’s fine to use these inputs for any purpose. An input only lead will still carry the signal and work normally, and the output pins will be connected to nothing.