Naim NNP01 - Control Software

Hello All,

I can get a NNP01 for a very reasonable price but cannot seem to find any place to get a copy of the DigiLinx software to configure it - any advise on this as I prefer not to strip it open and just use the amplification section - If I can set it to use one of the Analog inputs it would be perfect.

Warm regards, Emil

I’d never heard of a NNP01, had to go and Google it. Still confused, there seems to be a few for sale though.

Yes strange piece of equipment - basically a NAP 200 with a build in Streamer from StreamNet…

You might need a NetStreams Dealer Setup. DigiLinX Dealer Setup can be downloaded from the password protected dealer section of netstreams .
I bought a NNT01 tuner few years ago but still didn’t find how to integrated in my system.

Never heard of it. What is it? A nap 200 ? What is a streaming board in a power amp?

It’s a Naimnet room amp, which was designed to be integrated within a Naimnet/Digilinx Streamnet multi-room system. AFAIK it can only be used and controlled within such a system, so isn’t much use otherwise.

Discussion of such things would of course fall well outside of forum rules.

Apologies - have deleted the post.

First link in a google search gets to the software download for
StreamNet Application Suite 01.10.11 (NetStreams DigiLinX)
Is that what you need?
Select “software and firmware downloads” under resource type.


You are the best thank you Robert - my Google skills obv need some love.

Now to get a password from them for the file.

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