Naim Nova Connections to ATC and JL Subs

Hello All,

My present music system comprises Naim Nova (love the Naim sound), ATC SCM20ASL (active speakers) and a pair of JL Audio Fathom 112v2 Subs,

All sounds pretty amazing after buying and selling stuff and never quite getting the optimum synergy from Accuphase, Gryphon, Hegel, Sonus Faber, BW, Lumin, Aurender, kubala Sosna, Synergistic Research…

But here lies my question, first of all i find it very odd that Naim uses Din connectors and not XLR ! !, i currently connect my Nova to the speakers using a Flashback Din splitter to Mogami XLR’s ( with a very faint buzz in the speakers) and then use the RCA outputs to the Subs, not really sure i am getting the absolute best SQ !, i see that probably for my level the Naim Hi-Line range would be best suited for me !, but i cannot find if they make a din to xlr splitter !, what about Chord, they seem to have some cables suited for Naim,

Thoughts and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Regards to all.

Make sure you get a cable suitable for connecting the ATC:s. If you look in the scm20asl manual there is a section called ”signal cable options”, be sure that the person who supply the cable actually reads those sentences.

If you can hear a buzz your not getting the best out of the ATC:s. My suggestion is you get in contact with Naim or ATC support. They should have seen this combination before. There are pro-adaptors using transformers that can convert tha Naim output to a balanced signal and also give you galvanic isolation between the Naim and the ATC. With high quality transformers maybe a few hundred euros.

I made my own solution using high quality Lundahl transformers and it not only provide safety (isolation) but I actually prefer the sound to using a simpler pseudo-balanced solution. In my case I take the DIN out from a Naim 52/SC preamp and feed SCM20ASL.

They should also advice you about the feed to the subs. I dont know if bothe the ATC and the subs will load the same output and if it is designed to handle it. Be sure to check that.

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