Naim Nova + Diskstation 216play

Hi all,

This Saturday I finally got my new Nova and I am very happy with how simple the setup was. I have a minor issue with my Diskstation but I guess it’s totally me not using it properly…

  • I have my iTunes mp3 library in the folder /music
  • I have my lossless streaming music in another folder /streaming music, which I have indexed in the media server

When I now access my NAS through the Nova its showing the folder /streaming music in folder hierarchy under /music. This means when I search for an artist it’s always showing the mp3 AND the lossless aiff file.

Is there a way to get rid of the MP3s, like copying them to another folder on the diskstation and move all my content under /streaming music simply to the (now empty) folder music?


Just to be clear, your Diskstation is a Synology DS216 & the Synology name will be more familiar to the forum readers.

I would move all the MP3 files into the same folder as the AIFF files.
I too tried separate ‘Music’ sub-folders when I first started, but within a week I had them all in the one main ‘Music’ folder.
However, I have a sub-folder for each ‘artist’ or a named album with various artists or the composer in the case of classical. I find that helpful for when I search by Folder View, but it makes no difference when browsing by Artist or Album which is a metadata search.
Personally I would not keep the MP3 if I had an AIFF of the same album, if that what you have.
Synology’s Media Server is OK for browsing but its a bit basic, you might try the included 3rd party Minimserver included in Package Center
Final point I tried iTunes & found it more trouble than was acceptable to me.

Hi -

I think the easiest thing may be to put your mp3 library into a folder called /mp3, since the “special” automatic folders in the Synology DiskStation world - ie /music /photos /movies - are automatically included in the respective server applications. Since you have successfully added your /streamingmusic folder to the server watch list, you’ll be good to go, and if you want your mp3 collection to be available then you can add the new /mp3 folder the same way. Similarly, you could add a separate server app (such as Minim or Asset) and pint it at the “other” folder hierarchy and then have two servers, one for each collection.

Best wishes!

Regards alan

Thats what I’ve done, put an mp3 folder in music on synology, also got cd rip folder and hi res folder. Works well for me.

Hi Alan,

thanks, that’s exactly what I have done now. Works well for me.


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