Naim nova & Kef 3.2 ref.

Hi, I’m looking for some advice.

I will be moving soon & have the opportunity (space) to take out of storage a pair of Kef 3.2 reference speakers I bought from new and used to run in a Krell KAV system 10 years ago.
My current system is a Naim Star & PMC 25.23 speakers - which I’ve been very happy with (especially my wife) for convenience of a one box system and app control etc. However, I’d like to unbox the Kefs in our new house and would like to know if I buy a Nova (not PE) would it be able to run the Kefs well? The Kefs are 4ohm, 91dB large speakers so looking for advice whether these would work/be a good idea for a Naim Nova?

I would move first, play your current system as is in the new room and see how that goes.

Speakers are so room dependant it would be unwise to purchase ahead of moving.

When I moved the system that sounded wonderful in my old house sounded dreadful in my new house - size of room and construction play a big in how speakers interact with it. I ended up changing speakers despite loving my old ones in my old house.

Be patient and when settled in engage a good dealer and try some options at home. The usual suspects on here are stocked by many dealers.