Naim NOVA overheating with REL subwoofer T7X

I had a serius problem after buying and connecting a new REL subwoofer.

Overheating = 60 decrees celsius!!! Naim Dealer had no answer. REL dealer also

A technician from REL looked in on the problem and came with the advice to connect the red and yellow from the rel high input cabel together to the right output on the naim
And the black rel cable to the right minus of the naim.

This solved the problem instantly. Nice cool nova.
Had something to do with the intern grounding in the naim.
Great subwoofer by the way…

Henk Vrooman

The best solution is to connect at the loudspeaker input terminals, not the amp output terminals, or to use a specially modified cable designed to connect Rel subs to Naim amps.
If your speaker cables are a poor match for a Naim amp this will compound the problem.

It’s worth noting that the red carries the right signal and the yellow the left signal. By connecting both to the right socket on the Nova, you are not sending any of the bass signal from the left channel to the REL. As Chris says, it’s best to take the high level signal from the speakers. If you want to connect to the amplifier, REL’s Bassline Blue cable will work. Alternatively you can take a low level signal from the Nova’s preamp output, ensuring that it’s suitably loaded with resistance to present the right load. Chord make suitable cables for Naim I believe.

I asked the Rel technician about that. He said it does not work that way.the amp in the Rel compensate this

I have cord cables to my speakers

I’ve a funny feeling a similar topic cropped up recently - have you tried a search?

Plenty of topics on this. If you’re talking a high level signal to the sub (as is usual for REL) then you should take it from the terminals at the back of the speakers, that way the Naim amp doesn’t “see” the subwoofer cabling and it won’t get upset.

p.s. If you only take the high level signal from one channel, then you’ll only get signal from that channel, not from the other channel.

That’s not correct. If both positives are connected to the right channel, which is what you are doing, the sub only gets signals from that channel. The REL cannot perform magic and play what it’s not receiving.

Then he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

ChrisSU and Richard.Dane are correct: it should be connected to the backs of the speakers. You should also use a relatively high inductance speaker cable between the Nova and the speakers (that’s beneficial anyway) otherwise you need to be very careful about the type of cable used to connect the speakers to the sub)

HH is correct: it can’t correct to include a signal that it’s not getting.

I too have a Nova and Rel T/7x, I connect via a chord low level cable into the preamp BUT I have a Y splitter to collect left and right signal into the Rel. Sounds great but you have to play with the crossover and volume for a few weeks until you get something you are comfortable with.

Thank you for your solution.can you tel me how you connected to the t7x?. With the rel cable or to a different input on the rel?
Thank you for your reply

I go to low level input.

I take it you mean a resistive splitter / combiner - a simple splitter used as a combiner won’t work properly as it’ll cause the two preamp outputs to be effectively shorted together - not good!

Hi Xanthe, this is the one I use.

Please remove that immediately - it’s splitter ONLY.

If used as a combiner it’ll be shorting out the two preamp outputs by directly connecting them together - this is bad for the electronics and will overstress the preamp outputs.

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