Naim Nova vs SN3 with Bluesound Node 2021 version

Hello everyone,

This my first post so hoping that my question will make sense.

I own a pair of Klipsch Cornwall IV that is being driven by an Atom and sounds fantasic actually very very good but still would like to upgrade either to a Nova or SN3 and I have a Bluesound Node 2021 version laying around, what would be the best upgrade ? I know the NDX 2 would be better but i’ll have to wait considering the price.


I guess it depends on how where you want to go after this upgrade. A nova is a fine thing and could be the end point or a SN3 is the start of something bigger. Nd5xs2 is fine with sn3 (I use one) but a node could be enough for a while until funds allow. The sn3 his a better amp than the nova and of course is upgraded with hicap later too…


I started with a Nova and when I felt the urge to upgrade I soon found out that it’s very limited in its upgrade path.
I would go for the SN3 as this will give you lots of options going forward should you want to upgrade further.

Thanks for your time to respond, I shall wait and buy the SN3 and will pair it in the meantime with my Node 2021. The only thing i’m worried about is that before the Atom I had a McIntosh MA252 paired to the Node and everything was meh so was it the amp or streamer…I think I’ll take the time to try the Node directly in the Atom using the RCA inputs to hear if it sounds good if so going the SN3 path.

Thanks again.

Just be aware the atom will turn the signal from the phono to digital and use the atom dac.,

True a forgot about that I guess I’ll demo one at home and try it out to be sure.


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