Naim obsession?

Not sure of this should be in padded cell, or whether I should.

I’ve seen a bolt down pre and a bolt down 250 on the auction site. I’m sorely tempted, for no good reason other than I haven’t got anything that early. :slightly_smiling_face: where to put them though? They won’t be seen or much heard in the spare room. I think I need to step away from the computer.


Go for it!

I’m just waiting for a 300 and PS to arrive, to replace the 250-2 I’ve only had a few months. This Covid lockdown is costing me dear. LOL.


Maybe chill out and enjoy those when they arrive.

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I wouldn’t mind but it’s Friday night and I haven’t even been drinking.

I’ve just started, bruss…

A large glass of Sauvignon blanc.

It’s fun to look.

But don’t actually click and buy anything!

Sadly I have often have had to drag myself away from the classifieds in PFM when I see some vintage Naim for sale.

I have to remind myself I did have a NAT01 and olive Nait 2, chrome bumper 250 amongst others and sold them all on - and that I have no need or space for them!

Obsession it is I fear!


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Yes, and I think its a boy thing ( or perhaps just this boy). I’ve had most Lotus cars since 1970 ish, many of them sitting in the garage together while I was using something more modern. Eventually I realised there weren’t enough summer weekends to run them all to the pub, so they went and I have just a more modern one now. The same with another hobby I had - Hornby 0 gauge tinplate. Auctioned off when I realised not having the display space without buying a museum meant they would just stay in their boxes.
It has to stop :-0

The way forward is - only upgrade in a directly vertical manner i.e. it must be better than what you had before.

And only buy hifi, nothing else.

Haha. Do you spent any significant time in a garage or shed?

Only if Mrs Bruss finds out how much I spend on this stuff!

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I used to have a similar obsession with MF gear. X and XA series stuff. But sold most of my surplus stock in lockdown 1. Made some good money.
I still find myself pouring over adverts for the same gear now.

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The value increase of Naim is higher than interest therefore there is nothing wrong with it financially.

Naim obsession? Me? Nope. Un uh. Not me. Absolutely not. You must be thinking of someone else.


Naim system #4 - in the workshop:


Wow! what are the speakers?

All valve Heathkit here in my den, UK amp and tuner + US FM stereo decoder. Speakers are JBL control 1.

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The last time I bought vintage Naim gear (a NAT01 for over a grand) I plugged it in and smoke came out of the back - cured my urge for vintage gear instantly and I bought a brand new NAT05XS instead!


Sweet! Your Heathkit FM-4U Tuner & S-33H Amplifier look like the Heathkit equivalents of Naim Chrome Bumper shoeboxes.

Those are super rare and should eventually end up in a museum! Especially as they appear to be mint!

My speakers are Audience 'The One’s. They are musical, fast, neutral and spacious. And despite their size, they maintain their composure when you crank them up. It’s a shame that more Naimites haven’t discovered their synergy with Naim gear (the Audience brand is from around here - across the pond for most of the Naim community). Google for the Steven Stone review in The Absolute Sound if you are interested.

I am waiting for my Audience speakers cables. Didn’t know that they make speakers too.

It’s true that they are better known for their cables and power products. But their loudspeakers with in-house designed full-range drivers shouldn’t be overlooked.

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