Naim oddities

Just relaxing on my sofa, evaluating once more a NDX2 now that my CDX2 came back from Salisbury better than ever and I just got a pair of new VDH power cables, looking to a 8 box combo, a 282 w/HicapDR (3 boxes), a 300 DR (2 boxes), a UnitiQute2, a CDX2 and NDX2, and wondering why I see a front isolated power button in 2 of them, a back switch in 2 of them, a front power button in the top of a set of 4 buttons in another, and no power button at all at the NAPSC, requiring to unplug it if you intend to power down everything.
It´s a ego thing of one or the other Naim architect involved or there is some theory behind it ?
Just wondering…

quote "Simon Matthews designed the black look for Naim in 2001 and the Fraim but half way through Statement we employed him as group design director. "

He´s the “50 ways to make a button” man ?

My guess…
The NAPSC is tiny and should be left powered up.
The 282 has no power switch, cos its always powered by ‘something else’…
The HC has a power switch.
The 300 has a power switch.
The NDX2 and CDX2 are intended to be powered by an XPS - which has a power switch.

Cannot comment on any others… Don’t own them - or any of their parents… :neutral_face:

Two out of three ain’t bad…

It´s a subliminary message to the CDX2 and NDX2 owners then, don´t forget to buy the XPS, no XPS no power button.


I am very glad I got a good deal on a pre-loved CDX2 ‘power button’… :smile:

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