Naim OLIVE colour?

I have seen various topics on this but can’t find any ! does anyone know what the colour /code is ?

What ? The cases or the facia ?

The fronts are not painted as such …I believe

If one were looking for a RAL colour or something, I fear there would be several.

I accept the fronts are not painted but there may be an identical, or near enough RAL shade which someone may know of ?

Which Olive fascia are you trying to match?

The colour changed over time; the story I was told was that the person at the fascia supplier who had the formula for mixing up the colour of the fascias passed away and took the details with him. Rather than start again or come back to Naim for a reference, whoever took over decided to just set aside a fascia from each batch and then use that as a colour reference. The long term result was inevitable.

So you have Olive fascias with quite a brownish olive at one extreme and then quite a greyish olive green at the other, and several shades in between.

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there certainly is no brown effect, I would say closer to a olive/gray color

IIRC, the Olive grey was how things ended up.

Here’s a recent thread on the subject:

I was referring to the variations in colour of various Olive units, as Richard describes. Are you trying to match the colour to use it elsewhere? If so, you could get it scanned (there are even iPhone apps that can do it, although I couldn’t vouch for their accuracy.)

@kronos Just for reference this is the wonderful collection of @Graeme which shows some of the olive fascia colour variations.


I am attempting to re-color a couple of cb 250’s to match the rest of my kit, having been a car sprayer many moons ago am confident I can make a reasonable job, but apart from lugging a piece of equipment around with me for a paint match… I thought someone may have found the color code !

I wonder if the color codes would lead you astray given discoloration

I presume you would spray all fascias in one go rather than try to match an old one to a newly painted one. If you’re going to take it off the box to spray it, maybe you could easily take it somewhere to scan the colour?

Most body shops use a paint camera to match paints if no code is available. Usually if they can get over 95% match is good.

Or perhaps we need a sort of “dating” service, along the lines of:

“Person with brown-olive XXX (vintage 19xx) in otherwise grey-olive system seeks other with grey-olive XXX of similar vintage in brown-olive system, for mutual exchange of interests”


Good job Naim went to all black - much simpler.


lol Richard. Dude or dudette who took over was clearly a genius. I guess the distinctive (peculiar?) layout of his/her neural connections somehow precluded the outlandish idea of hanging onto one sample from his/her first new batch. At least the ‘telephone’ AKA ‘Chinese whispers’ game effect could have been avoided.

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