Naim (olive) knob

In need of help from anyone here.

During a recent move, one of the smaller knobs from my Naim NAC62 came off and I wasn’t able to locate where it is.

Will there be anyone here able to direct me to where I purchase one?

Many thanks to all, and Merry Christmas!

Try asking your dealer in the first instance (always the best option) but, if your dealer can’t help, a telephone call or e-mail to Naim in Salisbury is probably most likely to hunt down the pesky little thing.

You might also try an independent service agent such as Class A in Sheffield, or even a retailer like TomTom in St Albans.

Thanks for the advice, Graham. Unfortunately I don’t reside in the UK or even EU. I have tried the local authorised Naim dealer but to no avail.

Hence, would like to see if anyone here is able to help me out.


Fair enough. James at TomTom is a decent chap, so I would drop him an e-mail (if I were you), as I’m sure that he would try to help - after all, a plastic knob (if he had one in stock) in a jiffy bag wouldn’t be difficult. Up to you, though.

Happy Christmas, anyway.

Could you share with me his email address, Graham? Much appreciated.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too.

Just Google Tom Tom Audio and you will find their website. Good luck

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Ok will do. Again, thank you.

The e-mail address is tomtomDOTaudioDOTuk - good luck.

Come back if you don’t get what you need.

Modena, please note forum rules re. posting wants - strictly forbidden on here.

I would try Naim first then try ringing around some of the more likely dealers. You could also keep an eye on places like eBay and the like. This kind of thing sometimes crops up, but you do need to be patient.

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If you can find somewhere that does 3d printing they can use the other knob as a pattern. Should be cheap and they should be able to reasonably match the colour. Worth a punt even as a stop gap.

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My apologies. Just seeking help.

Got a reply from James of Tom Tom, they don’t have them unfortunately.

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That’s a shame. Try Class A in Sheffield, who seem to be specialists in fixing Naim equipment.

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