Naim Olive lid paint

Does anyone know the precise colour for the old Naim olive chassis lids.

Mine has a nasty scuff & wanted to repaint it.


If you mean the extruded sleeve then, unlikely as it sounds, I’ve found that Cherry Blossom black shoe polish is very effective with scuffs, not to mention stains caused by our Zebedee!


I don’t know, but try asking a few knowledgeable dealers like Peter Swain at Cymbiosis or James Alney (I think) at TomTom Audio.

Of course, Naim’s Service Department in Salisbury may be the most obvious place to ask. They might even have little pots of paint for touch up purposes.

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Its Black - Gloss Black… Try Humbrol No.21. That’s what I have used.

Or… as @suzywong suggested above, try Black Shoe polish.

Did you paint it on or does it need to be sprayed.

Yes. But - I was only addressing minor damage.

If you want to repaint an entire sleeve then note that it’s power coated. Talk to a spray shop that can do powder coating. They should be able to achieve a finish close to the original.

I have contacted a local spray shop & asked about the Humbrol No 21 for powder coating.

My Olive boxes have don’t particularly look glossy to me. If you are going to a spray shop, then I would imagine they would be better at matching the colour using their own methods and colour swatches

Have you seen the wraps used by car customizers? You could wrap a box in solid or woodgrain. It would be very inexpensive and quick.

Would it? The surface of an Olive extrusion is not smooth, like a car body.

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Yes. I would thought that would look awful.

Also vinyl on something that gets hot is probably not a good idea.

The powder used in Europe is Tiger Drylac.
The texture is commonly referred to as spattered. You can view their color charts on line and ask for a sample. The sheen levels are listed as well.

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