Naim Olive

Awesome system David. Whereabout on the Island are you?

Dix hills, aren
U from LI?

I’m in Little Neck, near the Queens - Nassau border, I work out in Westbury.

I see u have 102/napsc, hicap- I had that preamp also with a 250.
When I had the 102 and hicap I then replaced hicap with supercap. Nice upgrade (as it should be) but eventually went 82 then 52.
If I would do it again I would skip 82.
How do u like your Olive system?

I went from a tube based system to Olive and I would never go back, I love the Olive sound. I’ve been trying to move up in steps, a 52 would be my end game preamp. How are you getting along with those Titan’s? A lot different than the Focal’s? Not too many devoted Naim owners in our neck of the woods.

No my only Naim owning friend moved to CA.
None of my friends even ask to hear my system.
My Titan’s are a marked upgrade over the Focal’s. In every possible way… listening to jazz station 89.9 right now. Also love WFUV

My 250 is due for service in a couple of years, how’s your experience been with AV Options, are their services worth it over sending it in to NANA (Naim-Focal)?

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Chris West of AV Options is fantastic- not cheap but u get what u pay for. I’ve used him to service all my naim Olive boxes- always came back perfect and sounding better. Very reliable.
He’s been servicing Naim here in USA for long time- he used to work for NANA

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Thanks for your thoughts David, I’ve always heard great things about what Chris can do.

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A lovely pre-amp and very under rated.

3 x 250’s, 2 Supercaps, plus a SNAXO 3/6/2, 252 pre, NAT05 tuner, NDX2, HDX, XPS2 and an LP12


Took me years to get those souvenirs.


Lots of Mana from Heaven?

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Works for me👍

Currently (1st picture)

-Original feet LP12

  • Aviation birch polywood 3mm / honeycomb board 15mm / aviation birch plywood 3mm

-Stand for Linn Sara with high and low spikes


Nait 3, 3.5 player and two Flatcaps, will turn 20 in five weeks. We also have a vintage Olivetti typewriter but that’s another olive story.


^^ Slimline olive system above looks very stylish and cool :sunglasses:

102 - psc - HiCap - 250
Karik Numerik
Gale 401


David I have to say I think that is the finest system I have seen on the forum. Incredible.