Naim Olive

Finally got a Fraim for my Olive system!


Nice! You’ll certainly hear an improvement from your system. How much depends on many factors, but attention to detail rewards handsomely.

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Wonderful :+1:

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I would say the sound has improved by becoming more ”clear” and ”musical”. It sounds like a new bearing on the LP12…


A very nice CD12 too. You don’t see many of them :sunglasses:

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Looks great

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@CalamityJack sorry for late reply. Going to the 5m pair has tightened the bass up and mid and highs have a bit more clarity. I wouldn’t say it’s a night and day change but definitely makes a difference

Ovator S600, active with 4x135s

Thanks Steve. That is very interesting. Not what I’d have expected. I have WH Phantoms at present but I’m following the thread on the Spectre cables……

I’m not looking at thread anymore. Will just be an itch that may one day need scratching :joy::joy:


Another view of NAC72 - HC - NAP140 …
Simplicity is a virtue.


System I use to have - what a goose I was to sell it

CDX (I think) 72/hicap/140/nat 02/ nsats /nsub

Brilliant sound


Looks great, Bevo - happy user of 72/hi/140 here too. What about positioning the Sats a little bit further away from the sidewalls?


Yes, very tidy indeed and agree about speaker positioning. Space permitting, perhaps try about 1.5m between the centre of each tweeter and see what you think - appreciate this will be a lot closer. If you prefer it, then fine tune from there

@Murmur @Ardbeg10y - don’t make Bevo feel worse, if I read the post correctly the system is sold/gone/but a memory now!

(feeling sentimental about my own NAIT3 now!)


@Bevo sorry mate, we understand your pain.


Yes agree

Although system sold on ( now have chrome bumper gear as 3rd system) this olive system was repositioned in this small room (not shown ) for better placement of speakers and nsub

You may well ask me why did I sell on ??

Because I’m a goose :weary: I deeply regret it


We sell these things on and then regret it. I regret selling my CDS2 and XPS on. We live with it.

Or we buy the same again in the attempt to recapture the spirit that was.

Hopefully your other fantastic systems give you enjoyment!

It does indeed Dan

32.5/hicap/250 CB and piano black nSATs

Oh and I have a NAIT 2 ( fully serviced at Salisbury HQ) which I interchange from time to time



You’ll never out-cool a system cobbled together from two systems by a couple of heavy drinking ex-pats seeing out their last few weeks in Saudi, 1999.

Thanks to Mate Hifi, Al Khobar, Eastern Province.