Naim Owner’s History

Last night I was trying to recall what Naim products I have owned over 35 years. Apart from a Nait, I just can’t recall. Does anyone know whether Naim has, or can release, this data?

Assuming that all your purchases were new from Naim, and that you registered them for warranty, you could assume they have the records.
I am sure that they could release this data under GDPR with your written consent.
Any other purchases such as pre loved, would of course not be recorded with them

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I dont think the customer register data goes back that far.

Apart from current registrations, I’m not sure what else Naim might have re. older registrations - probably not a lot, and likely the data is not held once the period of the warranty has lapsed. But you could always ask.

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Will do. Have done. Now waiting the obligatory 4 days or so for a response.

Maybe try asking the Dealers you bought from…? They might have an idea…?

But - very surprised you cannot remember, yourself… :thinking:


It’s an age thing …
I’m sure I had some kit in between the Nait and my current 52 and 135s
Sadly both the London SO and UHES no longer trade …

I have a list… (from 1974 to the present day)

But I can remember pretty much everything… For instance, my 250 cost £822-00 - new - in 1985… :grinning:

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