Naim playlist on spotify

Just spent the day listening to the new Naim playlist on Spotify.
Lovely set of music and great to hear such variety.
Well done Naim.
Can we ask is you can put the previous playlists on Spotify as well.
Great way to hear such tunes.

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I suspect previous ones are still there - they are on Tidal. The problem is that you need to find the link - they’re not searchable. So, you’ll need to access other postings and emails from Naim to find the links.

Type naimaudioltd into Spotify search. Then click the profile. That gets me to December, plus several others, including Andaz, Valentine’s Day and Bristol HiFi. Hope that works for you.

Please see if you can duplicate that and let us know.


Does anyone know how to get the Naim playlists to work on Tidal please…? when I click on the playlist link saying play on Tidal, it directs me to the App Store or the Tidal sign up page even though I have a Tidal subscription and the Tidal app is open

Bob, I’ve found that what happens when you click the link a bit variable. Sometimes it does as you say. I’ve found I’ve just got to keep going and trying with the app open or closed - it’ll get there in the end. Once you’ve got to it in the Tidal app, click to make it a favourite then you’ll be able to see it in the Naim app. The Bristol 2020 playlist is great.

Thanks skip.
This shows me 46 playlists.
Happy days

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Thanks Gavin… I gave up trying on the 50th attempt and used a transfer software to get the playlist from Spotify transferred to Tidal. Some really great stuff in the Bristol 2020 playlist as you say.

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