Naim power button

Anybody have problem with the on off button on amp mine is stuck on the on position.

Might have once, whats the product?

If it’s on the current big box equipment with the little round push button power switch, then it has happened to a few members on here. The button sometimes seems to get stuck in the latched on position, or just seems like it won’t latch.

I would suggest you unplug and then have a go at pressing the button trying to unlatch it. Others who have experienced this problem (I never have) will I’m sure post how they managed to unlatch it.

300 dr

Ah cheers, mine was a sticky olive 250, now fine after class a service

Happened to my 250dr, like Richard said pull the plug out and push on and off a few times and im sure it will clear itself, once it releases it will fine , could be worse it could be stuck in the off position :grin:

It’s still in warranty so maybe I will send it back for new switch but it working now after pressing it quick and I had to turn it a bit to release it. But it got stuck a few times.

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Unplug, press in and then release as quickly as you can, works when it won’t latch on anyway it might be trickier when it stays there. It’s not reaching the end of its outward travel so the next press doesn’t flip the latch to its other state, catching it by surprise is the key.

OK thanks I will do that next time it happens.

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