Naim power supplies

I have a Naim XS amp that’s powered in the usual way via a 3 pin plug and mains lead. If I plumbed in a suitable Naim power supply does that mean that I could dispense with the mains lead or would I have to still use that as well.

I’m assuming here you’re referring to a NAIT XS integrated amp, in which case, when you upgrade it with a dedicated power supply, that PS is effectively taking over the supply requirements to the pre-amp, leaving the power amp section to just need to power itself. As such, you’ll still need to have the NAIT plugged in to the mains.

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Thanks for that Richard. Not the answer I was hoping for but it is what it is. Much obliged for the swift responce.

In case it helps, it’s perfectly possible to wire both leads into the same 13amp plug, if wall sockets are at a premium.

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