Naim PowerLine Serial Number

I know on the Naim website there is a section detailing the serial number and the year of manufacture of components, which is great for determining the age of the component.

However, I can’t find the same for PowerLines. These have serial numbers and is there any way of finding out the year of manufacture to determine its age.

Many thanks.


Would an older model be more valuable for having more burn-in or alternatively be worse for being older? After how long do they need servicing? :grinning:


Joking apart, I am interested if there have been any changes to the Powerline over its long and illustrious life. Have there been any improvements along the way?

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What numbers have you seen? I don’t recall these being recorded in prism.

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This for example.


Hmmm, it looks like these were pre printed on the shrink wrap, rather than allocated in prism. I don’t remember any tracking of these in efacs, so no idea if there’s any date/serial number stored anywhere. You’d need to contact support and ask. Whatever software was being used, it didn’t break!

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@Richard.Dane and @NeilS

Any thoughts on this?


I’m not sure whether the Power line serial numbers are the same as the serial numbers on the electronics. My own PLs have no numbers - very early ones though.

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Yes I’m not sure either - leave it with me & I’ll see what I can uncover.



I’m also curious for the PL Lite.
Mine has two additional numbers (production month?)

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