Naim pre amp

This is a question for the Naim owners who have a wide variety of separates. With a budget of around £600 which pre amp would you have?

In the context of your system a 152XS would be perfect. A bit cheaper would be a 122x.

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I would buy the best 72 I could find …and possibly have enough money left for some kind of power supply for it
Hang on …that’s what I DID do…

And I don’t miss my 252/supercap dr one bit


I bought a 172 preamp and streamer. Loving it.

72, full stop.

I know of four DBL-level systems that have 72s as per amps. Nuff said.


I’d get the latest pre at your budget. NAC 152XS or 122XS sounds about right. Great sound and comes with a remote. I’d avoid the older units such as 72 etc. as they don’t come with a remote and most would have been in pretty bad shape being worked by bodgers.

No remote is a real big deal, and I think that is one of my high priorities in choosing a pre-amp.

NAC152XS. You will be astounded.

Provided your loudspeakers match your NAP150x and your room, you will wonder how others could want for more.

I’d get a Nac 72 or if funds permit an 82.

Other than that you could go for 122x or 152XS if you want the black casework.

The 72 is a really good preamp although it doesn’t have a remote which might be annoying.

Very pleased with my 82.

It’s important to look at this in the context of the OP’s total system. Neither a 72 nor an 82 are ideal with flatcap, hence my suggestion of the 152. Of course, if bigger changes may follow, including a better source, then an 82 could make sense.


I was going to suggest an 82 as satisfies remote requirement.

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You’re right @hungryhalibut. A hicap is really needed in the context of a 72 or 82. So if going for 82 plus hicap looking at £1300 used market and then trade in the Nait and Flatcap.

The 72 plus hicap can be had for around £900 plus trading in the Nait and Flatcap could be a good budget solution.

Depends also what the OPs longer term aims are.

The only trouble with that is if the flatcap is traded in then the poor old CD5 will suffer. Nothing is simple!

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I know and when I started upgrading one thing it led to another and then another. And so on.

Before I knew it I went from Nait 5Si system to what I have today within a couple of years.

So maybe be careful what route you go down!

I am delighted with what I have but it has bludgeoned my finances!

I would go with a 102. Better and less expensive than a 72 in the used market and include remote.

@Mickyh If you do go for the NAC152XS, then one of the outputs from your FC2x goes on your CD5 as now, the other goes on Upgrade 1 of the NAC152XS.

The Snaic 4 from your NAP150 goes straight to the normal connection on the pre, not upgrade 2.

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