Naim pre feeding digital power amp

Anybody use a naim pre into a class D power amp ?
As I’m starting my journey I’m thinking pre amp first then power amp later , currently using lyngdorf class D power amp , would a 202/272/282 work with these …

It should certainly be possible, but hard to know how well it will work without trying it out. Just remember that with the 202 and 282 you’ll need at least a HICAP to power them. The pre-amp output signal is then taken from the HICAP to the power amp.

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Ah I see , can be a little confusing for an apprentice Naimee :grin:so what is a napsc is this the same thing

A napsc and a hicap power different things with a 282 you need a napsc. So for your use case if you went with a 282 you would need a napsc, a hicap and whatever power amp you were using at a minimum.

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I ran an Atom HE into a NAD class D amp and it sounded great. Briefly ran a 282 with Hi Cap into the same amp and it also sounded pretty good so it certainly works. You will lose some of the Naim signature sound but it still sounded like Naim to me, just less so.

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Thanks guys , it’s the 272 I’m interested in most , just to get streaming up and running my current pre is on the fritz so it seems a logical way to start
Do I need power supply for the 272 :thinking:

Need? No. Want?..

No, the 272 has it’s own power supply. Let’s wait until someone pops in to tell you that you MUST upgrade to and XPS or 555 :wink:


:joy:don’t tell me it’ll make my soundstage wider/deeper with blacker blacks

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It certainly will give blacker blacks due to the hole in your bank balance sucking in all the light (sound of course unaffected as it has no light!) Soundstage may be wider as you try to keep your distance from the Financial Controller!


I did run a 152XS/FlatCap2X into a Cyrus One for a short while and it was okay, didn’t sound much different to the Cyrus One by itself. When replaced by a 200DR there was a clear improvement in SQ, not surprising when you factor in price and synergy. I wouldn’t clasify class D amplifiers as digital though.

Another question if I fed the 272 into my lyngdorf do I use normal quality din/din or do I need special ones

Are you sure your Lyngdorf has a DIN input? I’m pretty sure they have RCAs in which case you can use a DIN to RCA cable, or RCA to RCA as the 272 has both options.
(Don’t confuse DIN with XLR sockets which your amp probably has. These are balanced connections which the 272 doesn’t have.)

God your right :see_no_evil: it is xlr ( balanced )

If it has balanced inputs then you could very likely use one of the new Naim cables for connecting a legacy Naim pre-amp to the New Classic NAP250.

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