Naim Prefix / power upgrade

If you haven’t done a recap,@Darran at Class A do wonders to the Lingo 1.



Darren serviced my Lingo a few years back. He did all my boxes.


Explains it. I’ll wait for Lingo 5 however good 4 may be.

I am also using a Lingo 4 with a Pre-fix , they work fine together , plenty of room . The Lingo 4 Power supply is in a separate box outside the LP12 on the end of a one metre cable


I’m another LP12 Prefix S user with Lingo 4, and happily so.

The Lingo mounted outside the plinth is the ‘big’ electricity component, surely? I think the problem will be from a power supply where the 220v mains cable has to enter the plinth? Classically, a Valhalla and its more modern aftermarket 2-speed derivatives, and Majik.

Lingo 1s are budget friendly, and Lingo 2s are not too bad. I found it a definite uplift going from a 1 to a 2. (Lingo 3 is a 2 in a new box.) Lingo 4 is more a Radikal minus than a Lingo 2-3 plus. For me the most obvious benefit is the lowering of the noise floor.


After a few weeks in with the Supercap I definitely feel that the Prefix/Supercap is an underrated sweet spot for a phono stage. It might seem overkill but when you consider a Prefix can be bought for less than £200 and serviced for around £75. Add the cost of an Olive Supercap and I doubt there is much that could touch it for the money. Of course that depends on whether cost is a consideration. It is for me :wink:


I agree,I went back to Prefix/SC from Superline/SC.

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@Paul52135 and @Igel

Finding a nice Olive SC present a small challenge ???

Yes but it’s worth it.

Okay. I’m intrigued. How so?
Can you help and say some more about going SL/SC to Prefix/SC ?

Thanks in advance

??? Sincere apologies if did something inadvertently there?

edit : @Richard.Dane Goodness no. But thanks for explaining. Now understand better. Thanks again.

Just a small edit in case anyone reading the end of your post thought it was a type of “wanted” ad, which is of course strictly forbidden on here.

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I was lucky that I found the only Olive Supercap on sale recently. It was actually priced as a Classic Supercap but I messaged the seller and he realised his mistake. I then jumped in. I paid top money for it but it was only serviced two years ago. Yes, it seems like a challenge finding one these days but we’ll worth the patience.


I think that the Prefix/SC is Flat earth the Superline/SC more Round earth.
I feel more engaged by the music with the Prefix and the Boogie factor is higher.
Superline do the Hifi stuff better.
They are both very very good.


Prefix is a champ with the SC!


Im doing it! (Well I want to) I do have an olive SC available via a friend, any suggestions how to break it to my wife :face_with_peeking_eye:
I think i have already used all my best moves getting the Nap 500 a couple of months ago. I even have a extra Mana rack just for the occasion :heavy_check_mark:

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If you were moving up from a HICAP then you could use what I have come to term the “Lacey” technique, as was described in detail on the old defunct Naim forum; Make sure the HICAP is placed on the lower section of the rack, but move it over a bit and then place some LPs propped up against the rack so the HICAP is partially obscured. Leave like that for a month or two. Then find a suitable moment when your wife is out to remove the HICAP and replace with the Supercap. Replace the LPs so it’s partially obscured. Leave all in place for another few months. Finally remove LPs - by then any memories of a HICAP will have been forgotten (hopefully - otherwise leave LPs in place!).

Luckily I’ve never felt the need to undertake this method, but I guess some might find it useful…


What I did is refurb the kitchen. I was going to replace the doors but ended up stripping and painting them, then cladding the existing cupboards with new gloss panels, cornice and pelmet. Total cost £600 as opposed to £2500. It was a lot of hard work on my part but I’ve more than justified the cost of the Supercap. And she loves the new kitchen. Ok, I’ve got part of the flooring to finish and new work surfaces to do but that can wait till funds are replenished. :wink:

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great choice!