Naim Prefix / power upgrade

Dear All,

I recently bought a lp12. Always wanted to own one and whilst it is a 1981 stock with original power supply, Grace arm, OC9, Cirkus bearing - I absolutely love it!

Being able to play my old vinyl is fantastic and I have already added a few new records to the collection. Anyway - I digress…

Future upgrades (on a budget):

  • I need a new power supply and whilst I would love a linn 2 or above, I am on a budget. I am seriously considering a non-linn alternative, located within the plinth.

Looking for recommendations around £350-£450 (including the internal brace).

  • currently using a X-LPS pre phono, been looking at a Naim prefix S. I know I need to get a hi-cap to power it. So looking to spend around 550-700 total spend (non-DR).

Any other recommendations?

I understand that the prefix might need a service (re-cap, black cable and z foil upgrade). Who in the UK would be able to do this? Naim service dept I assume? But are there any authorised alternatives?

My system is a NAC-N 272 with a NAP100.

Would really appreciate any help / advice.


I’m not sure whether Darran at Class A services the Prefix but you could ask him. However, for your budget it’s probably best to look for a later or serviced Prefix with the Black SNAIC and RF mods already done and also look for a HICAP that’s still within its service interval.

Have you considered a Mose Hercules II or Ultimate?
We have a Hercules II on my wife’s LP12 and it’s excellent. Moved it from mine when I upgraded to a Lingo IV.
Check out Stamford Audio’s website.

VP Revolution does 33/45 and is compatible with all bearings at a very reasonable cost.

Darran serviced my Prefix some time ago.

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I suggest that you speak to James Allney at TomTom Audio in St Albans. If he doesn’t have a Prefix in stock, he will probably be able to find one, as he has great contacts, and is able to find all sorts of hard-to-find things.

Brilliant - thanks all! I’ll let you know how it goes.


Linn Pre Cirkus
and Lingo mk 1

Just to add here, a Prefix should only be considered if you have an external PS for the Sondek.


Darren at Class A serviced my Pre-fix a few years ago at a very reasonable price making it something of a no-brainer

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This worried me a bit when I started looking at the Lingo 4 to replace my Lingo 1 as the 4 has a chunky amount of electronics inside the TT. But my worries were unfounded as the Prefix sits easily alongside the Lingo 4 bit. Almost as if Linn considered this when designing the 4. Might be useful for others to know.


Isn’t the issue more that the Linn electronics may interfere with the Prefix, rather than them not actually fitting inside the plinth?

Not that I can hear. The Lingo 4 works perfectly with the Prefix. It’s all low current within the turntable speed controller. The higher currents are in the external power supply.

Reading between the lines from Richard’s reply. I think he was referring to my question above, where I am suggesting to install a 3rd party psu within the plinth - with no external box for the power.

I am actually looking at the lingo now, so might work out in the end.

However I would be interested if some fitted the prefix with an internal psu. Majik or 3rd party…

Even if you could physically fit both within the plinth, you just wouldn’t want a power supply so close to the Prefix .

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The Lingo 4 should be as long a way from the rest of the equipment as possible and not plugged in the same outlet,because it has a Switch mode power supply.
I musically prefer Lingo 1 to Lingo 4 (and Lingo 2 and 3)

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So a (modern) Valhalla-like set up, then…? Say a Stamford Hercules or VP Revolution…?

As a Lingo 1 user that’s an interesting opinion. I often think about moving to a Lingo 4 but discount it because of what looks to me a crazy design to accommodate, no obvious front fascia.

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If you look inside Radikal left hand side you will see why the Lingo 4 is the shape it is. :wink:


The chances of me looking inside a Radikal are pretty similar to the likely hood of me actually buying one :smiley:

Looking at this I’m thinking ‘air’


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