Naim preloved surge

Whilst lying low and resisting any box upgrades, a quick glance around a few sites reveals allot of top and middle range jtems for sale.

Assume this is the new 200 and 300, plus Naim offers, but this also seeing a number of new 200 and 300 series.

Or do they know something we don’t :grimacing:

Not really. The New Classic range will stimulate a lot of upgrade activity hence the older ranges going up for sale. And the box swapper Joe will being buying new things every 12 months or less so the early box swappers are now bored and moving on hence the New Classic stuff for sale.

It’ll all calm down eventually.


Agree totally. It’s always the same when new stuff is released, cameras, hi fi. Also ex-dem 200 and 300 are coming up as dealers can now sell on and take their profit.


I just purchased a used Supernait 3 - the original owner had less than 2 months — he has Sopra 2 and had the upgrade bug and immediately went further up Naim food chain.


I like people who upgrade and turnover items a lot. But it does put temptation in my way. Most of my naim has got to me this way. Although ive done my own share of swapping boxes too.
Im currently clearing stock from my loft !


Worth also bearing in mind that it’s a time when many dealers turn over their demo stock to try to boost sales as they slow down with the onset of Summer.


Thanks all, i was looking at the ndx2/sn3 summer offer, just awaiting for my dealer to comeback to me, i still love my Nova though and dont find it lacking., yes i have had my ear syringed :rofl: