Naim prices 2021?

Any news of new price list for 2021?

I suggest you keep an eye on eg cymbiosis or signals websites, both of which tend to keep updated with price lists from many manufacturers.

In case they’ve forgotten please don’t remind them !


If you’re outside the UK then check with your distributor.

It’s a bit early isnt it ? Last one was in September I believe.

I think it’s a reduction this year to reward the loyal fan base as a goodwill gesture for their support after a very difficult year.

Sale now on !

Taxi for Roda?


In recent years they seem to have been often around April, so brace yourself.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

We’ll all still buy it!

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Yes indeed. They need to make a profit or no Naim. Sure as the sun rises and the Pope wears a funny hat…
Just had to laugh

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I wouldn’t get your hopes up!

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