Naim Qb 1 issues with United Music radio

Hi Everyone,

The webradio United Music Progressive House worked great last year, but unfortunately it stopped working this January along with the other United Music stations. At the same time it continues to work fine via their streaming app.

Could you please tell me if it’s possible to fix the issue? Is it a problem on vTuner side or is it something about the United Music?

Possibly one for @Stevesky

Hi @DmitryK

I’ve tried it here on a Muso Qb1 and seems to play ok.

Can you see if it plays from your computer via the vtuner site:



I’ve tried it from my computer and unfortunately it doesn’t work as well. However it still works from my mobile phone via VPN…
Seems like it happens because I’m trying to stream from Russia. Maybe that’s the problem? Surprisingly it worked till the end of the previous year.

Hi @DmitryK

I think this is the Russian Government blocking it as a media site.

I’ve tried VPNing into a variety of countries that are in close proximity to Russia and it streams ok, but from inside Russia it appears to be blocked.

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Oh, I see, you should be right. Thank you so much for your assistance!

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