Naim r-com reference remote malfunctioning


My R-com reference remote is eating batteries. Is there a way to troubleshoot it or set it up to be “less sensitive”? I bought it second hand and it has always been like that. If not, is there technical support in Sweden that could fix it?
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I bought one recently to replace a ‘dead’ Flash. It functions perfectly normally, with no excessive battery usage.

That won’t help you much, but the fault is clearly not endemic.

Is it really eating the batteries (?), or does it just keep ‘not working’, as my Flash does this and unpacking the batteries re-sets it.

Sometimes, leaving the batteries out overnight allows whatever is inside (a pesky capacitor?) to fully discharge, which seems to help(?).

the lighted buttons on the R-com should go on with minimal movement and shut off automatically within a couple seconds of not moving it… does yours shut off lights when not moving?
How often do you have to change batteries?

It sounds like it might be faulty and in need of attention at Naim. It should not “eat” batteries. If it keeps switching on then be sure to place it on a surface with no vibration - even fairly small vibrations can trigger it to switch on.

.Mine also flashes sometime. I will follow your suggestion and update this entry ccordingly.

Rechargeable batteries last 1 week more or less. Would you be able to point me in the right direction to get the remote control checked? Thanks!

Min behaves as you say. I used rechargeable barriers and I need to change them every 1 or 2 weeks. A few times the remote control has flashed and then stopped on its own and continue to work.

I would contact Naim support and see what they say. It may need to go back to the factory for repai.

Thank you Richard.
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Have you tried using non-rechargeable batteries? Some devices just don’t like them, possibly because they run at a lower voltage.

Not that I remember. I could try but I hope that is not the problem since that would be a lot less sustainable.