Naim Radio down?

Is Naim radio 320 kbps stream down?

Can’t seem to connect via Roon or Naim App.

The 320 stream seems to be down here too. Hope the server hasn’t blown another gasket!

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Yup e’ be down ‘ere an’all.

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The Naim Radio AutoDJ system gained some rot and crashed and corrupted its database in the process. The IT team brought it back to life first thing this morning.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Thanks Steve, these things happen, was just trying to establish if it was an issue local to me/environment or also affected others.

I noticed this yesterday also. Its a good sign I guess that as soon as there is a problem its noticed! Shows that Naims efforts even within this small microcosm are considered important to at least some of us. Its my go to and favourite station as the mix of music is very good imo.

Flac stream @Stevesky???

What is the latest on Naim Radio?
It seems to have been down for a while.
The current streaming URL I have, whilst valid according to my Serviio validation, does not seem to be working !
I have tried e-mailing marketing@ (the contact given) several times but no response.

Its working OK for me. I have it as a Preset from Naim iRadio list Naim’s Choice

Has anyone got a new streaming URL?

There have been some server issues I believe, but the URL you have is working in Roon for me:

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 17.22.33

Many thanks. I now have it working in Serviio MediaBrowser but not via Kazoo or BubbleUPnP !
Other stations in MP3/320 are working OK so need to do some investigating. Very strange.
Thanks for your help.

Glad it’s partially working.

It’s not the final / in your URL is it by any chance, it may be correct and Roon isn’t?

Yes, I wondered about that but it was working originally before the server went down. Am checking it out.

Strange it’s working in Serviio but not the others.

Have you restarted the devices/apps ?

This is from Yamaha, as you can see Internet Radio is an issue with other manufacturers as well as Naim

Thanks all for your help. Much investigation later I have it working of sorts i.e. badly.

If I transcode it in Serviio to MP3 320 it works eventually !!! (note it is already MP3 320).
All my other MP3 320, MP3 128, AAC, etc stations all work perfectly without transcoding so there is something different about the new Naim stream but don’t yet know what.

The background to this is I normally use a profile that does not transcode as all the radio stations play perfectly without it, and are then both instant and more reliable. For some reason only the Naim Radio fails without the transcoding.

Will follow-up with Serviio (why does it not work in UPnP without transcoding but works in MediaBrowser) and Naim (why does it not work when all the other similar stations do).

(Note Serviio MediaBrowser uses a direct routing not UPnP streaming so hence it worked originally and proved the IP that others had indicated was working).

Hi All,

We don’t have any downtime on either Naim Radio 320K or VTuner at the moment. We keep uptime robots monitoring the various services.

Regarding VTuner, various manufacturers moved away from VTuner as a service and this left issues with getting VTuner service on existing products. This did not affect Naim and we have a healthy ongoing relationship with VTuner and have proactively been improving the service over the last 18 months.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


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