Naim Radio

Ive only just discovered the three Naim radio stations since buying my ND5 XS 2.
+VE’s: the recordings and transmission are superb quality. Quite the best sound radio sound I have heard. Especially since the app shows you the source details and it highlights how much output by, say BBC 3, is MP3
-VE’s: Naim Classical doesnt appear to list the piece playing whereas the others stations do.
I am also struggling to find the full list of all recordings of Naim Records so that i can choose downloads.

yes it’s odd they don’t provide metadata, you would have thought if they wanted to promote their own label recordings it would be the obvious thing to do.

The metadata appears when I play them. With a couple glitchy exceptions. I strongly suspect it is just streamed off a Core.

My only issue is there is one artist on the Naim station that I cannot stand. Bloke literally has a voice that makes
me want to cut my ears off.

We all listen to things we’re not partial too but they ruined the station by having something that I assume was devised by the CIA’s black ops psychological torture division.

There’s metadata on the low res streams but not the FLAC feed, and as I speak it looks like vtuner has gone belly up once again

And no doubt the NC group will now get to experience the slew of poor/non-existent error handling when our 222’s/333’s fail to connect to Vtuner, especially if that was their last selection prior to power down/sleep mode…… again. Oh goody :rage:.


oh go on @feeling_zen do tell us who

I’ll give you a hint. They sing in a sort of semi falsetto and can the style can best be describe like this.


who const

antlyputsallthepausesandem…PHASIS in…allthewrong

That’s also my problem with listening to music via radio - I have low tolerance for music I don’t like.

So radio doesn’t work for me.

But I really enjoy using YT for music discovery.

Radio Paradise obviously recognise this, as they have a Next button you can hit if you don’t like what’s playing.

By and large, I like to let others drive at times and will accept that not everything is to my liking but cope with it perfectly fine.

It’s just this one artist - honestly, I’ve never heard anything like it.

(and I’ve heard the early days of Madonna with Otto Von Werner so really I know what insanity inducing terrible music sounds like)

There are approx. 150,000 Internet radio stations so surely you can find some to like. I have around 25 good jazz stations that I listen to.

I have found a few good jazz stations/programmes, partly thanks to your recommendations, but none that I prefer over using Qobuz and YT.

I should probably tune back into the R3 jazz programs again as those were the best ones I am aware of.

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