Naim Remote Control - can’t believe I never knew this!


Handset Volume and Balance Control
The remote handset volume and balance keys provide some
alternative control characteristics. A quick press and release of
a key will adjust by a preset “nudge”. A quick press and release
of a key followed by press and hold will cause continual slow
adjustment. Simple press and hold will cause continual fast

and it works!

Being using Naim for 18 years and never knew (or assimilated) this. Always been cursing the speed of volume increase!




You seriously never knew this? :thinking::grinning:

±0.5db is 1/5th a second nudge on that remote button.
Good luck with that.

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Totally new to me too!


It’s baffling that long term users and such intelligent people don’t know this. It’s all in the manuals and it’s worked like this for decades. It even works the same way when you use system automation, both in the app and using a streamer remote. Maybe people simply don’t read the manuals, which would be a shame as the nudge facility gives excellent fine adjustment that makes the user experience so much better.

Surely not :grinning:

I found this useful, thanks

Although I will probably still use my Pirelli Carpet Crossers (slippers) to manually adjust.


In fact there are three ways to use it. I’d forgotten the slow increase option. This is from the preamp manual.

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Of course, one alternative is to set the volume ~ where it needs to be (i.e. don’t take it back to base each time) and use the Mute button, only using the volume adjustments to nudge up/down as required.

If you do like to ‘press & hold’ be mindful that if the batteries are low (esp. in Flash), IME the ‘volume up’ control can stick…and that’s un-nerving (to say the least). Thankfully the lights come on to show what is happening!

" I’d forgotten the slow increase option."

That’d be why, then. You know - for the “intelligent” ones… :roll_eyes:


If you really want something smart / idiosyncratic, get an AV2. It can almost entirely be configured with a rotational dial and 2 buttons.

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For clarity this is the bit I hadn’t assimilated.

I went from a 150x to a 202 and the 150x had a much steadier volume adjustment from memory with the 3 seconds of slow adjustment that HH alludes to above.

Guilty as charged of not reading the manual properly, undoubtedly I read the heading “volume and balance control” and quickly dismissed reading it haughtily thinking - what sort of eejit needs to be told how t control volume and balance! -

Still it seems I am not completely alone in this thankfully.



You aren’t alone in this!! I’m guilty too

Does this apply to Olive boxes as well? My 52 could do with a little volume knob tweeking. Too bad there isn’t something to increase it’s usable range!

Nudges, or not, the volume control is not a strong point with Naim on the classic range. Uniti’s and Statement are a delight though.

I fully expect the volume tracking to be overhauled when the pre-amps are updated.


Thanks, as it also made me smile this morning :grinning:

All the best,


I hadn’t assimilated that either, and overlooked it in your post. I think I just read what I thought was there. I’ve known about the nudge and the quick increase for what seems like forever, but the slow increase is news to me too.

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Gratuitous NAC152XS volume control shot :grinning:


Maybe its just me, but I find adjusting the volume via Remote (which is the NARCOM4 from my CDX2) on my 82 to be fine… The remote allows relatively fine adjustment - which is needed, because the setting is typically around 7 or 8 o’clock. Even on Phono - not I have E boards…

Just me then… :crazy_face: