Naim’s Best Ever Speaker Poll!


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Oh dear, the old INTRO seems to be out of love.:disappointed:


Naim Audio FL1


Great idea which never materialised and went into production.

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Indeed. Honorary mention on this topic.

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I am the owner of NBL

I’m sure it’s just the original picture quality but whenever I see this pic it just makes me think of a mad scientists lab with a large Tesla coil just out of shot. Interesting speakers though, shame they never made it to full production.

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Me too!


Just one?

Well, well… it seems it’s curtains call. Clear winner(ish) and it seems, due to the results, people - It would be inappropriate to mention names - are beginning to ditch their SL2s. :flushed:

You should count me and the other nSats fans as write ins. We shouldn’t be ignored because of an issue with the construction of the poll.

Sl2 forever more simple to use than sbl

I have heard most Naim speakers and owned SBLs, Credos, Allaes, SL2s and n-Sats. Ultimately the SL2s are probably the best I have heard, but didn’t always work in all my rooms. The SBLs were a close second but again had the same room issue which is why I have voted for the Allaes. Super simple to set up, punch way above their weight on the end of some meaty Naim electronics and pretty much work wherever you put them. Unsung heroes in my opinion.


I might start a ‘Which Naim speakers do you own’ poll, just to see it it’s any different :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My experience, and also a friends, runs contrary to that. Both SBL and SL2 slotted in most rooms we tried very well so long as a solid wall close proximity was adhered to. Both of us tried Allaes and had all manor of problems getting the bass right, no matter what distance from the wall.

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I think so long as there is a solid wall, a good source and the room is not too large SBLs a very consistent performers hence my three decades of using them. They have a certain magic although they are not necessarily the best at the Hi Fi stuff.

Great idea. Watch out for the NSats brigade though and make sure you include them! Sensitive lot.:sunglasses:

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