Naim Serial Number help for possible purchase

There is a Stageline N for sale and it has a serial number but when checking on the Naim website it doesn’t show up. I’m probably searching the wrong area on the site. The serial is 487717 a 2021 Stageline

2021 serial numbers started at 482991 according to the website, so a serial number of 487717 would certainly be quite recent. If you want more details then best contact Naim dirtectly quoting the serial number.

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The serial number ranges per year are listed on the website under “Serial Numbers” but it hasn’t been updated after 2021

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There are also overlapping numbers, between 2019 & 2020 - and overlapping numbers between 2020 & 2021.

Has been reported before… @Richard.Dane - ?

Like so many other errors on the website …

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Yes, it has been reported before.

Which of course raises the question of why it’s not been fixed. It would take two minutes. It’s clearly not considered sufficiently important, which is a bit sad. A decent up to date website is so important.


The website was outsourced and a quick check reveals they’ve ceased trading. So I suspect that means the website is static until it gets completely redone.

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No a great situation, for Naim, clearly. Perhaps outsourcing was not a wise move…?

The website was always outsourced, even back in my day. IIRC at one point it was handled by Malcom’s Steward’s wife, Philippa, who was a delight to work with.

Anyway, I’ve asked someone at Naim to again review the serial numbers and update where necessary.

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Dear HH, Feel I have to weigh in a bit here after reading many comments of lack of communication. I’m a loyal 30 plus year Naim user and this isn’t a whinge. I work in a different technical area of medical diagnostics products and we aren’t perfect, so not the same field, but providing world wide support to a customer base of about 20,000 users and technicians. We are a team of 8 to 10 people. We have a hotline, email address inbox and a salesforce CRM system. We normally get back to queries within 20 to 30 minutes, even if more investigation is needed. I realise we have been through difficulties, but still doesn’t explain the lack of communication on Naim’s side her and I find this a bit worrying to say the least, together with eye watering service price rises I’m beginning to wonder if theres more to this than we know. I’m not looking to be negative, but why can’t an organisation the quality and reputation get back to customers almost instantaneously ? I can check a shipment status of a spare part from Japan manufacturing to a customer in Mexico in about 5 minutes from my cell phone. I hope this improves, as even a website change would take 2 minutes to sort. We’ve just had a typo noticed on our site and it was fixed in minutes. C’mon Naim get with it!


Well said. These things (such as updating the website, responding to customers, etc) do not seem to be getting much priority. So, we could conclude they are considered very important, maybe…? I hope that is not the case - but the proof is in the pudding, as they say…

I have been a Naim owner since 1982 - so I genuinely hope for improvements, here.

[The Serial Numbers on the website have been ‘wrong’ for months, maybe longer…? A 2 minutes fix - or it should be…]

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I’m on the case…


Is it possible for you to contact me directly re the issues mentioned above?

Check out Spectral’s website if you want to feel better about Naim!

I’m told it’s now updated. There are some oddities though from the last couple of years where the numbers don’t follow on consecutively (and in some case appear to go backwards). I’m told it’s been checked and it’s correct, so I think its down to assignment of serial number and final completion of build. Covid and the parts crisis no doubt paid their bit with lots of things that could only be part built until completion later.


Thank you. Its now better - but (as you say above), there are still some seeming anomalies - such as a ‘gap’ between the end of 2021 and start of 2022…?

I’m told it’s double checked and correct.

Wow, amazing work people. The web site is now up to date and my Stageline looks like its a 21 model.
Can’t thank you all enough

That’s an issue in itself. Not the suggestion of nepotism, but relying on an individual. An internationally operating company like Naim should deal with companies where continuation is guaranteed, not dependent on individuals and with source code escrow in place. Hopefully things have changed from the days you mention.

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