Naim serial numbers per year

Just out of interest, I’ve taken the by-year list of serial numbers on the Naim website and plotted a (fairly crude) bar chart of how many serial numbers were issued in each calendar year, and it’s got some mildly interesting patterns:

Some thoughts/questions:

  • This is not a direct measure of turnover or even how busy the factory/company has been - one serial number can be for an S1 or a Nova, requiring very different amounts of time and money, and it takes no account of R&D work - but it does give a rough insight into how many pieces of kit have been churned out per year
  • Olive kit was introduced in the ?mid-90s, which perhaps explains the rise in 93-95, but any reason for the early-90s dip? Effects of the recession?
  • The introduction of the Classic black kit (early 2000s) doesn’t seem to have caused a big jump in a short space of time, as might be expected
  • Any reasons for the big jump in 2013 followed by such a big dip?
  • Nice to see numbers on the rise during the pandemic and record numbers in 2021!


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When did MuSo come onto the market?
Could that have been the 2013 spike, as it was being sold through a broader customer channel?
Currys, Richer Sounds et al were early adopters, I’m just not sure if that fits the time line…:thinking:

I like your thinking, but wasn’t the Muso a bit later than that - 2015/6, perhaps?

The first generation Uniti also might have caused a spike, but I think that was more like 2010ish and I’m not sure what came in between. The years fly by…

All muso are made in China and have a different serial number range. So these aren’t included in the chart.

Statement serial numbers are assigned in batches in advance so the back plates can be made; I don’t recall how many are assigned at once, but they are not all used up in a year. It probably doesn’t make a huge difference to the yearly numbers.

The last serial number of 2020 is also 4000 higher than the first one of 2021. Could be a typo or some other oddity, but that makes the production for both years questionable.


First edition MuSo was 2014 so would the production and registration of S/N’s have occurred in 2013…?:man_shrugging:t2:

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I think that this was down to s/n allocations and part-builds that had to be held due to certain part delays from the component supply chain crisis. When I queried, Naim confirmed that the numbers were correct despite the apparent discrepancy.


Or someone made a mess in efacs. Wasn’t me, I’d left already!

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