Naim serial numbers

l currently have a HCDR on home demo from the local dealer. I think it is one of their demonstration units and I’m trying to see when it was manufactured. I’ve had a look at this page

but the serial number starts with 462xxx and that doesn’t fit in any of the ranges on that page. Would it be safe to assume it is a 2019 unit?

Yes, 2019. People have raised the mistake lots of times but Naim do nothing to correct it.

Odd that it’s not been fixed. It’s a 5 minute job :thinking:

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Like so many other things that were pointed out, “NDX” references in PS pages, 552 pictures for 252, it’s baffling. (I know a new website is in development, but it has been a while …)

I’d rather it be correct than flashy :roll_eyes::grinning:

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It’s painful. One work day would be enough to make it correct and less confusing for possible customers


I had a look at the box and it still had the shipping label on it, it was sent from Salisbury to the dealer in October 2019

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Don’t get me started on all the errors and omissions on the ‘support’ pages. It would take a hell of a lot longer than one day to sort that mess out :open_mouth:

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Sure, but the product pages would be low-hanging fruit

One for the Words or phrases that are like nails down a chalk/blackboard thread :grinning:

Its been highlighted before… Not a priority.

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I guess It’ll be fixed when the new website is given the green light.

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Surely… the White Light now…

It will only get fixed if someone fixes it. It will not magically fix itself.

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Indeed. My point is that it probably has already been fixed in the new site.

True, I thought that while writing it :slight_smile:

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Any idea on timescale for release of the new website @Richard.Dane ?

No I don’t. When Clare’s back I’ll ask her.

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