Naim Service Request in US

Does anybody know of a way to actually get someone in Naim to assign an MRA to return a piece of equipment in for repair in the US. Naim’s written online policy is to return it to the retailer and have the retailer ship it in. I purchased my Uniti Core from Moon Audio On Line and they disagree. They have provided me with a Link ( Assistance : Focal Naim America ) that allows me to establish an account, nothing else. I can not open a ticket, leave a message, nothing. A phone number ( 1.800.663.9352) that no one answers, only takes messages, and no one responds. And an Email Address ( ) that only replies with an automatic email referring me to Link that only allows me to set up an online account.

This is extremely frustrating and has been going on for over three weeks. At this point in time all i intend on doing is getting this equipment repaired, selling it and never buying anything from Moon Audio or Naim again. I get it that its the holidays, but this is unacceptable.

Note - I have already worked with Naim UK to isolate the trouble down to the Uniti Core. My problem now is there is no one in the US who wants to help.

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This should be moon audio sorting out an rma, it’s always the dealer network that does this. The customer should not have to sort out returns direct with Naim.

Find another Naim dealer.

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Would another Naim Dealer support me for a product that they did not sell me?

Yes I believe so.

Try speaking to focal Naim direct.
USA : 1.800.663.9352
Richard Philip
Service & Repair Manager
ext. 216
Oh I see you’ve tried that number and I assume there’s no option to select an extension number?

Support@naimaudio dot com is the Salisbury factory.


Did not have an extension for anyone. It forwards you to a voice mail box with a prerecorded message in French. I left a message again but i am not optimistic of any response coming back to me. I already have two open automated tickets but absolutely no one is trying to help me.

I am in Canada, but last time I had a unit serviced I used:


The factory in Salisbury closed last Friday 22, and I believe reopens on the 2nd. Possibly the same with focnam in the US. So if trying recently I wouldn’t expect an answer yet.

Thats the email address that sends you the link that only allows you to open an on line account and dead ends there.

I saw that but they stopped communicating with their customers before the 22nd.

Do you have a local NAIM dealer in your area? If so I would visit and discuss the problem you are experiencing. They should be willing to assist you with facilitating the repair. Depending on age of unit there may be costs involved for repair and shipping/handling but if nothing else it would establish a relationship with a NAIM dealer.

On the two occasions I had an issue my dealer, once with a streamer and the other an integrated amp, I dropped the box off at the dealer and he facilitated shipping and receiving of the units. (both units were in warranty period). Since I had an ongoing relationship with the dealer the also provided loaner units so I could listen to music while the problem was being resolved.

Good luck with resolving your current problem.

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I am surprised Moon Audio is not helping here. If you are in NC, the Naim dealer I work with is Serious Hi Fi. You can contact Dale and see if he can help you, 919-870-5522. You can mention I referred you (patrick kernan)

Good luck in getting the unit repaired.


I guess there have been changes since I used it in March 2021. In my case I got a response on the second business day after my inquiry:
All these figures are ball part, we’ll provide a proper estimate once the machine comes in.

If you’d like to go ahead and send them in, please send me your shipping address and phone number and I’ll create an RMA.



S U P P O R T & S E R V I C E

CANADA : 1 8 6 6 . 2 7 1 . 5 6 8 9 x 1 3 4
USA : 1 8 0 0. 6 6 3 . 9 3 5 2 x 1 3 4

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When I inquired about servicing my nDAC had a nice email correspondence with They got me to the right person in short order. I was impressed


The Focal Naim distributor for the USA is in Canada (Montreal), where they often answer the phone in French, but I think they have their phone lines organized so that calls from English regions get answered in English. (The distributor is I believe fully owned by Focal (Vervent)). You could try the following link from the website, but I don’t think you will find any life until into January. I would suggest the second week. I’m pretty certain you will get the help you need.

Support : Focal Naim America

That link leads to a dead end.

It’s Christmas. Everybody is on vacation, probably until middle of next week. Contact Focal/Naim in Montreal next week (MIchel, ext 2), they are very good and will get you sorted out.

Moon Audio won’t be getting any business from anyone on this forum now that they’ve been outed!

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Once you get this all sorted out, don’t quit Naim just find a decent dealer. Moon-audio won’t get my business either

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Don’t blame Naim for what an inept dealer does…


Focal/Naim Canada provides excellent service. You ship to US location and they transport the component to Canada. They may be off until Jan.2 however.


Ive been leaving messages on Naims 800 number since the 18th. Nobody Responds.